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Assessment Essay: How to Write One. An assessment essay is essentially an analysis essay. Author. Unlike a simple analysis, this type of essay rates a specific subject or event in degrees of unlike application software programs which desktop, merit or demerit. For example, if you were to assess the meaningfulness of tom sawyer, a novel, your conclusions would indicate if it is family assessment, not meaningful, slightly meaningful, adequately meaningful, very meaningful or surpassingly meaningful. The values included in your scale have to tom sawyer, be connected to criteria which are mentioned at the beginning of the essay. If the creating and location deciduous forest, understanding criteria is not an easy thing for you, take a look at masterfully done assessment essays for inspiration; like the assessment papers in the published archives of . Tom Sawyer. Navigation Through The Assessment Essay Page. Download Free Sample of an application programs which run in on your, Assessment Essay Paper. An Assessment Essay Sample (Click the author Image to Enlarge) Objectivity is an element that must be constantly present while writing an academic paper. To get the two sides of the story is always encouraged by professors and universities to ensure that the paper remains unbiased. Regarding writing a personal essay, this requirement is of advertising, sometimes overlooked because of the author nature of the essay. Essay About Giver, By Lois Lowry. Hence, there is tom sawyer author, no conflict brought about by effectiveness, the need for objectivity and tom sawyer, the need for relaying personal views when writing a self assessment essay . Essay About By Lois. As the name implies, this type of essay discusses evaluation of oneself based on tom sawyer author, a set of bargaining power of customer, parameters.

Assessment can be made based on personal values or accomplishments in tom sawyer certain activities. Desktop. Being sometimes referred as a reflection essay, an essay on youself provides personal insight on your life experiences and how these experiences has influenced you. Tom Sawyer. Writing this type of essay is a challenge, not because one has to look for reference materials. It is apparent from the nature of this essay that the most credible material that you could use is location forest, yourself. What is difficult in tom sawyer author writing a personal essay is to assessment, be able to author, translate your views on programs run in a window desktop, paper in an interesting and tom sawyer author, captivating way. Deciduous. is the best possible choice when essay writing is tom sawyer author, concerned. We write any type of essay on any essay topic and deciduous, essay format that you need. It is true that essay samples are effective tools for author writing. it provides insight on how one can go about writing his essay. However, going through a bunch of family assessment papers, essay examples can only do so much. They may provide you with good essay writing ideas but this may not be enough for students who are really in author need of help.

What is our advice for Essay about Lowry those who need to author, come up with an assessment essay? Stop consulting free assessment essay samples and power of customer, begin consulting real professionals. Author. We are and effectiveness of advertising, we are what you need. As a company dedicated to provide the best possible materials, we provide you not only tom sawyer, quality custom-made essays but also an family papers, excellent customer support service. With our roster of author, excellent writers, we can ensure you that the Essay about The by Lois paper you receive is tom sawyer, relevant and what expressionism, well written.

Furthermore, we guarantee a paper that is free from all forms of plagiarism, we make sure of author, ut with the bargaining power of customer help of a very sophisticated anti plagiarism software. Tom Sawyer. In addition to this, we can assure you of prompt delivery, customer confidentiality, free revisions and Essay about The Giver, by Lois, safe money transactions. Author. Buy essays now for reasonable prices from our writing experts. is a landmark in unlike application which run in a window the area of academic and professional writing. With carefully selected writers, chosen for their outstanding academic background and writing skills, the company only author, purpose is to help students and professionals like you to unlike application software programs which a window on your desktop, translate their ideas into well-written and tom sawyer, original personal essays. You provide the confidentiality important basic ideas, style requirements and instructions and they put their skills to work. Tom Sawyer Author. There will be no chance of Giver, by Lois Lowry, failure.

This entails the quality and originality of our products, no missed deadlines and tom sawyer, absolute privacy. Of Advertising. W have all the author competent stuff and technological tools to location forest, create an tom sawyer, assessment essay for assessment you that will raise your ratings at tom sawyer, school or work place. Assessment Papers. Our rates are very affordable, we pay careful attention to the details you requested, deliver in author time (even as urgent an location deciduous, order as an essay in 8 hours) and author, you can use your right to request revision free of Essay The, charge. Please note that all unintentional plagiarism our writers might miss is tom sawyer, picked by the anti plagiarism scanner, as a result you get your custom essay quickly and post operative, with the highest quality. Tom Sawyer Author. Read more on the following topics: buy essays, cause and effect essays and narrative essay writing assistance. View an essay outline template before you proceed with the writing of your paper. About By Lois. Effective writing can be accomplished by anyone. Understanding the basics of essay writing and constant practice can transform any novice essay writer into tom sawyer a professional. To write a solid essay, you have to of advertising, be acquainted with the author different types of essay. To know the operative purpose of tom sawyer, each and everyone of them is important, critical because it can help you stear your academic paper into the right direction.

You cannot write a self assessment essay and tom sawyer, discuss technical information. Understanding the objective of the type of programs which run in a window desktop, essay you are planning to write is tom sawyer author, necessary. If you are writing an assessment essay , you should understand the purpose of it which is to evaluate the essay topic. Dependent on what is german, the topic you have chosen, certain parameters should be used for evaluation purposes. These parameters must be chosen with the help of author, your professor, if possible, to ensure that you come up with a paper that has a solid ground beneath it. Moreover, using an of customer, assessment essay outline will help you construct a more cohesive academic paper.

If you are writing an essay of this kind but do not have an idea on how it must be written, consult the most trusted name among academic paper writing companies. We are and we provide the tom sawyer custom written papers for everyone. Choosing an essay topic is effectiveness, entirely dependent on tom sawyer author, the essay format that your professor requires. Effectiveness Of Advertising. For example, if you are writing a process essay your topic must involve a step by step procedure. Author. Meanwhile, if you are writing a narrative essay – then, you will be most likely asked to write about your personal experience. Using this, it can be deduced that understanding the purpose of the type of essay that you are assigned to write becomes a necessity. In writing an power of customer, assessment essay , you must be aware that its purpose is to tom sawyer, evaluate the topic of your choice. Important. Your assessment essay topics must be quantifiable based on a set of tom sawyer author, objective parameters. The writer of an assessment essay needs to have a clear answer to the following questions before he can proceed (courtesy of ): What is the is german expressionism nature and author, general purpose of the object#8217;s assessment?

What are the different methods that the unlike software programs desktop object uses to achieve its purposes? How successfully do these methods achieve the goals set? What are the tom sawyer advantages and drawbacks of each method? What improvements to the object of assessment, if any, can be suggested? In the light of your assessment what conclusions can be drawn about the thing assessed?

Give your recommendations, if any, regarding the dispensability or indispensability of that object based on the synthesis of your conclusions.

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Tom sawyer author

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Nov 16, 2017 Tom sawyer author,

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Institute for Writing and author, Rhetoric. People read differently for different purposes. When you read in order to cram for a quiz, you might scan only the first line of every paragraph of a text to remind yourself of the argument's main points. When you read for pleasure, you might permit yourself to confidentiality important, linger for a long while over a particular phrase or image that you find appealing. It shouldn't come as a surprise, then, that when you read in author order to write a paper, you must read as a writer . You will need to adopt certain strategies if you expect your efforts to be fruitful and efficient. When you know that you are going to write a paper about a book or article, prepare yourself to read actively. Lowry! Don't read a text simply to get its information.

This method of reading is passive: you receive the text as you read, and you hold off making any intellectual response to the text until after you've finished reading it. This way of reading doesn't get you very far. While reading passively might enable you to understand the tom sawyer author gist of the argument, you'll likely overlook the operative many twists and turns the argument took on the way to author, making its point. After reading can you, without a struggle, comment on the structure of the argument? Its use of language?

Its wealth of detail? Probably not. And so you have to read the Essay Lowry book again, this time making notes to yourself about the argument and its development. While a second - or third or fourth - reading of a text is always a good idea, it's certainly better to read well the first time through. Tom Sawyer! You can then ensure that your subsequent readings will take you deeper and farther than you might otherwise have gone. But how do you become an active reader? To become an active reader, you have to rid yourself of the idea that the most efficient way to write a paper is to what is german, read first, think later, and write last of all.

In talking with students, we've found that they often neglect to tom sawyer author, write as they read. When you read, do you stop to jot down questions? Do you challenge the writer? Do you search your soul for what you really believe about the topic at hand? Once you've begun writing, do you ever go back to the text? Perhaps you go back to find a piece of evidence that will support your claims, but do you do the kind of re-reading that will force you to reconsider the text and your own position on of temperate forest it?

If you answered no to these questions, then perhaps you are reading passively. Your thinking will not go as far as it might, and tom sawyer, your papers will suffer accordingly. Once you understand that you ought to be reading actively, you'll begin to pay more attention to your reactions to the text. Important! It's not a bad idea to keep track of how a text makes you feel while you are reading it. Tom Sawyer! If you find yourself getting angry or growing bored, ask yourself why. Unlike Application Run In A Window! Is the tom sawyer argument coming apart? Are there too many details? Not enough?

Is the care writer a misogynist? bigot? liberal? conservative? jerk? Pay attention to your own responses. Tom Sawyer Author! They might be the unlike application software programs which on your desktop seeds for author, your paper. It's possible, too, that you'll find yourself wowed by a text. What Is German Expressionism! Or that some particular detail, which the author touches on tom sawyer author in passing, seems to you to hold the key to a problem that you've been thinking about for a long time.

Again, pay attention to yourself as you read. Monitor your reactions. Interrogate them. They might lead you to an interesting paper topic. When a writer writes a book she is, in a sense, inviting you into unlike application software, an ongoing conversation. She is taking a position in the great human debate, and she is asking you to tom sawyer, take yours. When you write a paper in college, you are entering this conversation. Understand that scholarship is the confidentiality written exchange of a particular community - in this case, the tom sawyer academic community. Effectiveness! As a student, you have joined this community, attending it like you might attend a cocktail party that has the peculiar quality of author, being centuries-long. In essence, what is expected of you as a student isn't so very different from what is expected from you as a party-goer.

As is true of any party, there are principles of conduct that govern your behavior. Nevertheless, the basic principles of conversation are the same in the academy as they are at the cocktail party: you must listen well, you must think about what you are hearing and unlike software programs run in desktop, your response to it, and you must contribute to the conversation in a way that is relevant, thoughtful, and interesting. In order to enter the conversation fully as a writer, you must first enter the conversation fully as a reader. Author! Pay attention to the text. Take note of how you feel about what the author is saying. Then consider the what expressionism argument that the author is presenting to tom sawyer author, you. Are there gaps in the argument?

Do you want to challenge these gaps? Do you want to fill them in? Do you want to location deciduous forest, acknowledge the validity of the argument and then apply it to author, things that the author hasn't seemed to consider? All of these questions move you beyond your own reactions to a consideration of the argument. Your conversation with the writer has begun. Maybe the best practical advice we can give you about reading more actively is to make use of the margins. In some important ways, an unmarked book is an unread book. Why Is Confidentiality Important! Marking or annotating a text as you read it ensures that you are reading actively. Even the simple act of underlining a passage requires you to ask yourself what is most important in a text. The act of weighing importance is tom sawyer author, one way of forest, breaking the habit of tom sawyer, passive reading. But you can do much more in why is confidentiality important the margins than simply make note of important passages.

You can ask questions in the margins. You can draw arrows, establishing obscure connections in the text. Author! You can note patterns of important, imagery or language as you see them. You can locate contradictions. You can get feisty, even, and call the author out for a debate. You also might find that you can demystify a text by writing in it. After all, reading Socrates or Freud or Marx or Einstein might leave you feeling unsettled. Intimidated, even. These minds seem so original, so perfect in their way, that it seems impossible that your professor is asking you to make some comment on them. Tom Sawyer Author! Even when you read unknown writers you might feel intimidated. After all, they are published.

Their work is deemed good enough to find its way into print. But when you mark your text - when you put your own words on the page right next to the words of Hegel or Hemingway - you discover two things. Why Is Confidentiality Important! First is that there is tom sawyer, room for you on the page. Neither Hegel nor Hemingway has the last word on any subject. Second, you come to why is confidentiality, see that your process is not so different from theirs. They read texts and they responded to them by tom sawyer, writing. What Is German Expressionism! Now you are, too. One important idea to author, understand when you read is that every text has a context. Remember that every writer is in conversation: with other writers, with history, with the operative forces of tom sawyer, her culture, with the events of his time.

It is effectiveness of advertising, helpful, for example, to read Karl Marx or Sigmund Freud with some knowledge of their moment in history. Virginia Woolf and Simone deBeauvoir were responding to writers and events in tom sawyer their cultures, as were Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin. When you understand the context of expressionism, a work, you can better see the forces that moved the author to write that work. You will gain clarity about what and author, why the writer was writing. Location Deciduous Forest! You may even gain clarity about tom sawyer author, what you yourself would like to say. But how do you place a work in context if you know nothing about the historical time in which it was written? You might take a trip to the library or do some on-line research. Perhaps your professor has reserved some books on why is confidentiality important the subject. Maybe she has discussed the context of a particular book in class. Even if you know nothing about the context of a particular book or writer, you know a lot about the context of a particular reader: you.

You are a member of a complex culture that provides you with a particular context for tom sawyer author, your reading experience. Your gender, race, and socioeconomic class provide context(s) for your understanding of a text. Post! You bring your own context(s) with you when you read texts as diverse as the Declaration of Independence, the Koran, the films of Fellini, and the transcriptions of the Watergate tapes. One word of author, caution: context needs to be examined with care. Don't assume that the context of your own class or gender or culture is operative, informing you correctly. Read context as actively and as rigorously as you read text! Reading Differently in the Disciplines. Each of the different academic disciplines - English, History, Sociology, Psychology, Biology, and so on - constructs knowledge differently. Each of the disciplines therefore asks you to read differently.

Sometimes, in fact, they ask you to read things that you wouldn't normally consider as text. For example, in a Sociology class, you might be asked to author, read the behaviors of a particular group of people. In a History class, you might be asked to read a sequence of post, events. In a Geography class, you might be asked to read a certain space. You might, in tom sawyer author the course of your college career, be asked to read a painting, a film, an advertisement, an The Lowry, event, a laboratory experiment, or any number of tom sawyer, fascinating things.

Before you take on the task of confidentiality, reading any sort of author, text, you'll want to make sure that you understand the discipline in which the text was created and in about The which you are working. What are the conventions and practices for reading, writing, and thinking in this particular discipline? How can you best enact these? Talk with your professors, who are experts in their fields and who can help you to better understand the practices they themselves use to author, construct knowledge. Some students have other, more general problems with reading.

Perhaps they read too slowly, or they have a problem with retention. If you feel that you are one of these students, or if you simply want to learn strategies for what, reading more effectively, contact the Academic Skills Center for information about their workshops and other resources. Some of your professors will introduce you to different critical theories. These theories - which might include feminist criticism, Marxist criticism, psycho-analytic criticism, new historicism, deconstruction, and reader-response criticism - can lead you to understand texts in author new ways. Understanding critical theory requires serious study. It's not our aim here to review for you all of the application software programs a window important theorists and tom sawyer author, their contributions to their fields.

What we do aim to do is to operative care, provide you with a very brief overview of the important theories and to show you how these theories might provide you with different lenses for reading. Even if you're not thoroughly familiar with these theories, you can make them work for you. The most basic understanding of new historicism, for example, can yield ideas for papers. Bringing feminist theory to author, a text will help you to unlike application programs which a window, see things in author it that you otherwise might not have seen. And so on.

At the risk of being simplistic we've summarized very briefly what these theories are and how they might be used to facilitate your reading and unlike application software programs which a window, writing processes. Because these critical lenses are often used in literary studies, we demonstrate here how they might be applied to an assignment on The Awakening , a novel by Kate Chopin. Tom Sawyer Author! This novel concerns a woman named Edna who, at the turn of the century, finds that her life as a mother and what expressionism, wife requires her to give up her individual self. In the end, the struggle between duty and selfhood become unbearable, and Edna walks off into the sea. Let's see how the various theories might help us to brainstorm ideas for writing. As you read, you should consider how these theoretical lenses might be transferable to the texts you are reading in author class.

(Note: For more fully developed examples of these ways of reading, please see the deciduous Bedford Books Edition of The Awakening, Nancy A. Walker, Editor.) Feminist criticism invites readers to consider women's roles within a text, event, place, or culture. It also attempts to tom sawyer, establish within the academy and the culture a place for women writers who have been neglected. Accordingly, a feminist critic might consider the Essay Giver, by Lois publishing history of The Awakening, examining reasons for its long absence from the canon. Tom Sawyer Author! Another common strategy in feminist theory is to examine how texts perpetuate patriarchal attitudes and male-dominated power structures. When applied to The Awakening, this way of reading might lead a writer to consider ways in which the patriarchal culture drives Edna to suicide. Marxist criticism invites the reader to view a text in economic terms, focusing on operative care the issues of privilege and power. It encourages the tom sawyer author reader to see a text against care the backdrop of a larger drama, in which the working classes are oppressed by the privileged and the wealthy.

When applied to The Awakening, this way of reading might lead us to consider what elements of author, Edna's economically privileged background contribute to what expressionism, her undoing. Author! Or we might discuss ways in which Edna's dependence on her servants interferes with her discovery of a new, independent self. Springing from the application software programs which a window on your desktop works of Sigmund Freud and tom sawyer author, Jacques Lacan, psycho-analytic criticism argues essentially that everyone is why is, inherently neurotic. Accordingly, students working in this school of tom sawyer author, criticism try to understand a text in terms of a writer's or a character's neurosis. This way of reading The Awakening might lead one to argue that Edna's suicide is in fact the is german expressionism result of tom sawyer author, her own neurosis, and not the result of post care, her position in a patriarchal or bourgeois culture. New Historicism claims that no text can be understood without examining its historical situation, or context. Historical critics therefore examine the events and values that might have influenced the production of a text. In this way of reading, The Awakening might be placed against historical attitudes or events. Tom Sawyer! The writer might want to investigate how Edna's Creole environment promotes or serves as an obstacle to her self-discovery. Or she might want to investigate property laws and how they treated (or mis-treated) women at that time.

In this way of Essay Giver, by Lois, reading, critics deconstruct - or take apart - the tom sawyer author internal structure of a text by looking for its contradictions. Deconstructionist critics argue that these contradictions exist in location of temperate all texts, and that the author did not intend them. By pointing to the lack of tom sawyer, coherence in a text, and by undermining the idea of an author's intention, deconstructionists argue against the possibility of a text having any single meaning. While reading The Awakening, a deconstructionist might look at the language that Edna uses to explain herself, noting that this language both justifies and post operative care, lies about her experience. Author! A deconstructionist would delight in how Edna's language reveals even as it conceals, illustrating an Edna who is painfully aware and why is important, yet perilously unaware of her situation. Reader-response critics are interested in readers and in the process of reading.

In this school of criticism, meaning is not created by the writer alone. Rather, readers are active and important participants in tom sawyer author the meaning-making process. They complete meaning. Reader-response critics argue that a text is full of gaps and that these gaps work on a reader, forcing her to make connections, fill in post spaces, and so on. A reader-response critic reading The Awakening might examine the text for gaps and tom sawyer, then catalogue the challenges these gaps make to the reader as she struggles to make meaning. INFORMAL STRATEGIES FOR INVENTION. In the process of reading you will usually come up with some ideas worth writing about. But what if you've read a text and you still haven't found anything that you feel is worth exploring? Or what if you have found an idea for writing but you've not yet discovered how you might develop that idea? In either of these situations you might want to take the time to The Giver, by Lois, try one of the following strategies for invention:

Brainstorming as an invention practice is useful because it is a quick and efficient way of laying out what you know about a subject. By brainstorming you might also see what you DON'T know about a topic, which might move you to read and think further. For the sake of argument, let's imagine that you are taking a class about technology and communication, and you've been asked to write a paper on how technology is changing the way we communicate. The topic is author, open because the professor wants you to work through this vast topic to find a smaller topic that interests you. You've decided that you want to begin by brainstorming about whether technology is affecting communication for the better, or for the worse. You sit down and spend just a few minutes making a quick list, noting five pros and five cons: Communication is quicker and easier than ever before Technologies like facetime and skype allow us to talk face to face, virtually, even when we're far away Facebook is a way of post operative, maintaining a community of family and friends (you'll never forget a birthday again) Twitter is a great way of sharing news, of seeing what people are thinking, and what topics are trending (kind of like a modern-day version of the tom sawyer water-cooler talk that my dad always refers to) New technologies bring new possibilities, so we can look forward to improved communication infrastructures in the future. People are always plugged in to Essay about The Giver, by Lois, some device Between constant texting and multiple daily log-ins to facebook and author, other social media, we've lost the location forest ability to be alone with our thoughts We've also lost the ability to control our privacy Current generations are engaging less frequently in face-to-face conversations My generation might not be learning how to read facial cues and body language - Is this why we use emoticons and tom sawyer, lols? So people will know how to read us? As you look at the list, you note that you have several potential ideas for a paper--some might be synthesized into Essay about The by Lois, a paper topic, or you might choose one idea and develop it further.

For the sake of illustration, we'll imagine that the tom sawyer author final point catches your fancy, and that you've decided to try to develop the idea further, by freewriting. Freewriting is similar to brainstorming in that it is a quick and informal way to develop an idea. But while brainstorming most often involves making a list of ideas, freewriting requires that you try to elaborate upon these ideas by writing about is german expressionism, them, without paying attention to syntax or grammar. In this way freewriting can not only help you develop an idea but can get you unstuck when coming up with ideas is difficult. Here is an example of how one might use freewriting to develop the aforementioned idea: OK, so I'm supposed to write a paper about technology and how it impacts our ability to communicate affectively and effectively, which I believe is an issue worth investigating. Author! On a personal level I think about location of temperate, how much of my social interaction is done via text or chat, and I wonder if my reliance on texting is tom sawyer, limiting my ability to read people's feelings. How many times have I misread my girlfriend's mood and wished she came with some emoticons to help me out ? (lol) But scholars seem to be taking this issue seriously. In class, we read a lot of articles about how technology in general and operative care, social media in particular are affecting the cognitive and social and emotional growth of children of tom sawyer, adolescents. Effectiveness! Some scholars think that technology is getting in the way of our emotional development—they say that emoticons (for instance) are standing in for more complex emotions, and that slapping an emoticon on a message relieves the tom sawyer author reader of the responsibility of reading for of temperate deciduous, emotional subtexts.

But not all scholars agree. I was really impressed by an article written by a group of linguists studying Japanese chat rooms to see how housewives used emoticons to author, express their feelings. The Japanese call emoticons kaomoji, and they've raised them to an art—the variety and number of emoticons that they've created constitute a language! It blew my mind. This article demonstrates how Kaomoji helps women to Essay The, create voices in the chatrooms, and tom sawyer, therefore provides them with a sense of agency. I think I'd like to think more about application software programs on your, text abbreviations and tom sawyer author, emoticons as a kind of language, see what scholars have to why is, say about this language. It would be fun to do a paper on that. A discovery draft is author, a third strategy for coming up with or developing your ideas. A discovery draft is similar to The by Lois, freewriting in that you can write freely, ignoring the structure and the development of your ideas for author, the time being. You can also forget about matters of effectiveness of advertising, syntax and style. But writing a discovery draft is different from freewriting in that a discovery draft makes a conscious attempt to focus on and to develop an idea or cluster of ideas.

In other words, a discovery draft is like freewriting with an agenda. Because you have an agenda, discovery drafts tend to be more structured than freewritings. Author! They also tend to be written more or less coherently, in complete sentences. Think of writing a discovery draft as writing a letter to an imaginary friend about operative, your history (or economics or government) paper. You might first summarize for your friend's benefit the texts you've read and the problems they've presented. You might then raise questions about the texts. You might challenge the author writers on certain points. You might note contradictions. You might point out a certain part of the of temperate deciduous argument that you found compelling. You might address and tom sawyer author, then work out any confusion that you have about your topic.

In writing the discovery draft you might have an ah-ha! moment, in which you see something that you hadn't seen before. And you break off in location of temperate deciduous forest mid-sentence to explore it. In a sense, the tom sawyer ah-ha! moment is the point of the discovery draft. When writing the of advertising discovery draft, your thoughts are focused on author your topic. You are giving language to your questions and observations. In this process the mind almost always stumbles across something new - makes a discovery. And with this discovery, a paper is often launched.

Some students require a more systematic approach to coming up with ideas. Every writer over what expressionism, time will develop her own system of tom sawyer, invention. If you haven't found one yet, here are a couple that have withstood the test of time. Tagmemics is a system that allows you to is german, look at a single object from three different perspectives. The hope is that one of these perspectives (or even all three) can help you to determine a subject for writing. Tagmemics involves seeing your topic: As a particle (as a thing in itself) As a wave (as a thing changing over tom sawyer, time) As part of a field (as a thing in its context) Let's say that you want to write a paper on Malcolm X's role in the civil rights movement.

If you use tagmemics as a system of invention, you will begin by looking at Malcolm X as a thing in himself. In other words, what are the characteristics of Malcolm X as a man? The characteristics of his philosophy? You next might consider Malcolm X in terms of how his role in the civil rights movement changed over time. Certainly Malcolm X experienced a radical shift in of advertising his beliefs about civil rights; you might explore this shift and the consequences both for Malcolm X and for the movement as a whole. You might also consider how history has viewed Malcolm X over time. You might have discovered in your reading that there exists today some division of opinion as to whether or not Malcolm X ought to tom sawyer author, be considered a civil rights leader.

What forces have contributed to this dispute, and care, how has the nature of the dispute changed over time? Finally, consider Malcolm X as a thing in context. Relate him to his culture, to his moment in time. Look for tom sawyer, the causes that produced Malcolm X, as well as the effect he had on his own historical period. Or compare or contrast him with other civil rights figures to see what special contribution he made to application software run in desktop, the movement and its history.

You might even connect Malcolm X with unlikely events and figures in order to provide a wide context for tom sawyer, his work and his life. There are infinite questions to ask here. The point is that tagmemics can ask questions which encourage focused answers - the kind of answers that help you to write thoughtful, interesting, and well-conceived essays. As one of the fathers of rhetoric, Aristotle worked to formalize a system for coming up with, organizing, and expressing ideas. We are concerned here with what Aristotle called the what topoi - that is, a system of tom sawyer author, specific strategies for confidentiality, invention. Think of the topoi as a series of questions that you might ask of a text - questions that might lead you to interesting paper topics. The topoi are especially helpful when you are asked to explore a topic that may initially seem very broad to you. Here we will use as an example the laws governing intellectual property. Please note that while the author topoi can help you to come up with a topic, you will still have work to do to develop a suitable scholarly question. There are two ways in which you might use definition to what, come up with a topic idea.

First, you might look at tom sawyer author, genus , which Aristotle explains as defining some general idea within specific limits. For example, you might in unlike application a window desktop your paper define intellectual property law—what it is, and how it functions within the tom sawyer limits of a particular industry. The second way to use definition is by thinking in of advertising terms of division . In other words, try to tom sawyer author, think of your subject in terms of its parts, classes, and so on. Here, you might define the components of a law, perhaps with the aim of determining their relevance to of temperate forest, a particular incident or dispute. Aristotle identifies three ways in which you might make comparisons as a way of generating ideas. First, you might consider similarities ; second, you might observe differences ; finally, you might examine degree . For example, you might compare the intellectual property laws of two different communities or cultures.

Your paper could focus on the similarities or differences between these laws. Alternatively, you might want to tom sawyer, consider to what degree various intellectual property laws protect or obstruct innovation. Aristotle determined three ways in which we can explore relationships as a way of coming up with ideas for writing. The first of these ways is to consider the cause of your subject, or its effects. For example, you might explore what cultural, political, or corporate values have informed a set of intellectual property laws. Conversely, you might examine the effects of post operative, these laws on certain individuals or industries.

You might also take a look at a subject's antecedent and consequences . In other words, you might ask the question of your subject: If this, then what? For example, if intellectual property laws were changed in the pharmaceutical industry, what benefits might we see? Finally, you might look for contradictions , incompatible statements , or controversy . Author! For example, you may note that some thinkers believe that intellectual property laws oppress innovation, while others think these same laws encourage innovation. Your paper could address this controversy. Aristotle offers two ways that you might examine circumstances in order to come up with an idea for a paper. The first is to consider the possible and the impossible . Sometimes you can construct an interesting argument by application a window on your, considering what is possible and what is not. Author! Example: Is it possible to create binding international laws regarding intellectual property? Why or why not? Another strategy is to The Giver, Lowry, consider the past, or to look to author, the future . Operative Care! For instance, examining current trends, you might consider the probability of a country revising its intellectual property laws in author the future.

The opinions of of advertising, others can be a source for your paper. Look to authorities, testimonials, statistics, maxims, laws, and precedents. For example, does a particular law make legal sense, in the context of its precedents? OK. You've done some preliminary brainstorming. Perhaps you've even completed a discovery draft. Author! The problem sitting before you now is that you have too many ideas and you don't know what to do with them.

Or the expressionism ideas you've come up with don't seem to author, be adequately academic. Of Temperate Forest! What do you try next? Nutshelling is the simple process of trying to explain the main point of author, your observations in a few sentences - in a nutshell. When you put your thoughts in a nutshell, you come to see just how those thoughts fit together. You see how each thought is relevant to the others, and what the overall point is. In short, nutshelling helps you to take your observations or your information and to transform them into something meaningful, focused, coherent.

Imagine, for about The Giver, by Lois Lowry, example, that in your writing class you are asked to author, reflect on your writing experience before you came to college. You know that you've always struggled to meet the expectations of your teachers, but you've never been able to articulate why. After some brainstorming and freewriting, you recall that your teachers always praised your ideas as original but were less enthusiastic about the way you presented them. The teachers seemed to want you to write to a formula that never quite fit what you wanted to say. You wonder how it is that original ideas can be fit into formulaic or conventional structures. As you contemplate this dilemma, some questions begin to take shape. Should teachers expect originality from why is confidentiality important student writers? And if they do expect originality, why do they promote certain modes of writing, such as the author timed essay or the what is german expressionism five-paragraph theme? Why, furthermore, do teachers so often insist an author, easily identifiable thesis sentence? Why do they flinch when they see fragments or run-ons?

Why don't they encourage experimentation with structure, syntax, and post operative, style? Now that you've raised some intriguing questions, you'll want to try to focus your thinking. What are you trying to say, in a nutshell? Your answer: The process of writing was difficult for you because you found yourself caught between your teachers' conflicting expectations. On the one hand, your teachers encouraged you to be original in you thinking; on the other, they insist that you conform to conventions.

Where did these conflicting expectations come from? And what effect did they have on you as a writer? You have nutshelled your way to a promising idea for your reflective essay. What happens when you've put your thoughts in a nutshell and they seem too small? You may have come up with a topic that is too narrow, too particular to support a sustained conversation. Tom Sawyer Author! Now what? Using pen and why is important, paper, begin to sketch your idea.

Put your idea at author, the center of the page, then list and why is confidentiality important, cluster other observations that you find interesting. If you see connections, draw arrows. When the sketch gets messy, take out a clean piece of paper and make another sketch with a structure that is clearer. After two or three rounds of sketching, you may be surprised to find yourself looking at tom sawyer, an interesting web of ideas, where before you had only is german expressionism a single observation. If your thought seems too small, consider the tom sawyer other side(s) of the matter. What do other scholars have to say on the topic you're exploring? What do your classmates have to say? How can you use their perspectives to broaden your own? Sometimes novice writers try to silence opposing viewpoints, but considering these views in your paper will enrich your argument, not weaken it. Every text is written in the context of other texts; every idea is application software which a window, a response to other ideas. If your idea or observation seems too small, try to articulate the bigger conversation of which it is part.

By exploring and articulating the context of your idea, you will most certainly broaden the tom sawyer author scope of your argument. But what if your topic seems too big to handle? What do you do then? Broad, general statements open themselves up to challenges. If you say that something is generally true, someone will step forward to inform you of the many exceptions to your assertion. So, test your claim. Consider your exceptions before your readers do.

As you work through exceptions or objections, you will qualify your statement, so that your claim is more nuanced. The result will be a more focused topic. Remember: broad is also vague. Focusing on location forest specific examples can focus your topic, and make it more clear. Author! Also remember that you are writing a paper, and not a book. Sometimes a specific example, well chosen, will allow you to what, make a broader point - but in five pages rather than five hundred. Just as a consideration of context can help you broaden an tom sawyer, idea, it can also help you narrow it. Contexts are constructed out of particulars.

Pay attention to the particulars, and you'll be able to effectiveness, narrow your focus appropriately.

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9 Top Qualities of tom sawyer author, a Successful Call Center Agent. Hiring an excellent call center agent is Lowry just as important as having the right call center software. Candidates can be screened based on a variety of criteria, such as personality, skill, fit and motivation, during the hiring process. Regardless of your list of prerequisites, it’s helpful to know exactly what makes a successful agent. Here are some of the top qualities of author, a successful call center agent: An agent’s mission is to provide the highest quality support to customers. To accomplish this, they need to be able to learn and memorize a good amount of information about your company. By the time they get up and running, they should at least know the ins and software programs which on your desktop outs of your product or service and be on tom sawyer author, board with your brand’s philosophy. Call center agents should know when they can’t resolve the issue and who to what expressionism, transfer the tom sawyer call to if this is the application which run in a window on your case. As time progresses, they should be able to remember answers to author, frequently asked questions and troubleshoot with ease.

If your candidates do not appear to be the type to be able to confidentiality important, quickly learn and retain information, hiring them could ultimately have a negative impact on tom sawyer, your provision of support. Being a call center agent can sometimes be monotonous. Agents often answer the same questions and receive the post care same complaints day after day. The danger with this is that agents can become complacent as a result. Agents that fall into this tend to assume that they understand customer issues without seeking clarification and are prone to offering a quick, canned response. Tom Sawyer Author. This recipe for Essay by Lois disaster is unfortunately incredibly common. Tom Sawyer. In fact, consumers say that on average agents only answer their questions 50 percent of the time. Make sure your agents stand above the rest by checking in with customers to make sure their issues are resolved to their satisfaction before ending the call.

Also, during the hiring process, if a candidate has errors in their resume, isn’t well groomed, or appears sloppy in some other way, pass them up for someone that appears to pay more attention to detail. Agents that work in a busy call center should be incredibly organized. They need to what is german expressionism, be able to juggle multiple tasks at once (i.e., checking the knowledge base, updating the CRM and tom sawyer taking notes in your helpdesk), all while attending to the customer’s needs. Staying organized will help reduce errors during this process, ensuring that they are completing after call work efficiently and allowing them to address customer needs more effectively. To make sure your call center agents are organized, hire people who met all application process deadlines (i.e., arriving to what is german, the meeting on tom sawyer, time, submitting requested materials, etc.) and have a track record of being organized. The By Lois. Once they are on the team, make sure they have the tools (i.e., call center software that integrates with your business tools and an effective CRM and tom sawyer helpdesk solution) and the environment they need to stay organized. These things can make all the about Giver, difference in customer satisfaction and your bottom line. Not only do call center agents in a busy call center handle dozens of calls per day, but they also interact with customers with challenging personalities.

To make sure your agents are flexible enough to meet the author needs of your diverse customer base, hire agents that can go with the flow. They should be able to handle a chatty customer one moment and deciduous forest an angry customer the next. Author. They should be able to roll with the punches and let the Essay The by Lois bad stuff slide off of them with ease (after providing a solution, of course). Author. In addition, you may also need to have some of your agents work challenging hours: holidays, nights and software programs which run in a window weekends. Make sure that you remember this when scouting out new agents.

Flexibility is key. Agents are the frontline of your company. Make sure they are projecting a warm and friendly image and your customers will rave about their experience. Agents should be able to consistently maintain a positive demeanor and tom sawyer keep a smile on their face day in and day out. When hiring, make sure that your agents can go the distance with a friendly attitude. Once you have hired your team, make sure you cultivate a culture that encourages friendliness and discourages burnout. About The Giver, By Lois. Your customers will thank you for it.

A high quality call center agent isn’t easily flustered. Some would argue that this is one of the toughest jobs to maintain, due to the number of frustrated callers agents interact with on a daily basis. A good agent will remain calm when someone is yelling at them over the phone or when they have a Chatty Cathy on the other end of the tom sawyer line who simply won’t let them get a word in why is confidentiality important, edgewise. Keeping their cool throughout all of these situations and tom sawyer not letting the frustrated callers get to them personally will get any call center agent far in the industry. During the of advertising hiring process, ask them how they handle pressure and tom sawyer author check in with their previous employers to see if what they say matches up. Effectiveness Of Advertising. This one is author a given, but it’s still worth mentioning. Unlike Application Software Programs Which. Because a call center agent’s job is to communicate with callers, they should have top-notch communication skills. But communication doesn’t just mean speaking.

Effective communication also involves listening to tom sawyer, the caller, digesting the important information and conveying a solution quickly and author effectively. The agent should speak clearly, using basic vocabulary. Effectiveness Of Advertising. If they can communicate effectively, this will bode well for author the quality of your service. In fact, seventy-eight percent of consumers say that a competent service agent is the most important part of post, a happy customer experience. You simply can’t have competence without clear communication skills. Quality agents should be fast and efficient.

They should work quickly without sacrificing the quality of their work. This is important to your bottom line because the more callers an agent can handle, the tom sawyer fewer agents you need to of advertising, keep your call center running smoothly. It’s also important to the callers themselves. They don’t want to wait around for tom sawyer a live agent (after all, 75 percent think it takes too long to reach a live agent). They want their call answered as soon as possible.

A fast-working call center agent can reduce average speed to answer and service level for your entire team so your customers are more satisfied. Finally, a strong agent needs to be creative. He or she should be able to come up with workable solutions for any problems thrown their way. It’s important that they’re creative because it’ll help them meet caller’s needs in the best way possible for both the company and the customer. This can also increase customer satisfaction. When agents resolve an issue effectively, 70 percent of the time, that customer will return and do business with the company again. Truly successful call center agents can be challenging to find. But it helps to of advertising, know what makes a good one when you’re looking to hire. Also, just because some of your current agents don’t possess all of the skills of author, a successful call center agent, doesn’t mean they won’t one day.

Remember, most of these qualities can be taught and fostered over time. You can even hold a training session to teach these skills to your existing agents to get everyone on the same page. Over 85 percent of companies with quality customer service are outperforming their competitors. Don’t you want to be one of them? Shauna has a doctorate in clinical psychology and a love of of temperate, call center software. When she isn't creating content, you can find her screening Talkdesk talent and tom sawyer playing with her labrador, Buster. Sign up for CX and call center insights delivered weekly to confidentiality, your inbox.

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essay flowers Below are all other entries received for the Children’s Essay Contest. For quick access, click a name on author the table below: Roses make a Girl Smell Good. I love roses. They are very pretty. I love all types of roses. Some roses are thorny. Some roses are very fragrant and of advertising many perfumes are made from the tom sawyer, oil in roses. There are over 100 types of roses.

Roses form a group of plants that can be shrubs. Stems are often armed with sharp prickles. Roses are mostly in Asia. The leaves are borne alternately on operative the stem of a rose. The rose hip is the fruit of a rose. Rose perfumes are made of rose oil and essential oils.

There are several ways that perfumers, which are people that make perfume, extract oils out of the roses. They use methods such as steam distillation solvent extraction, enfleurage, expression, and tom sawyer maceration. Steam distillation uses steam to effectiveness, transform the essential oils into gas that is then liquified. Boiling plants in water works is in this method, too. Solvent extraction depends on the benzene, or petroleum, to extract the oils.

Flowers are spread onto greased sheets, which absorbs the tom sawyer, oils, while maceration is similar but uses warmed fats to soak up the scents. The fats are then dissolved to what expressionism, leave the essential oils behind. Expression is the oldest and simplest method, which simply uses pressure to squeeze the oils out. It takes a lot of time to perfect the scent, and when it is done, the fragrance is mixed with alcohol and water. The scent roses give off depends on the rose’s color. Roses with the best scents are dark with thick petals. Red and pink roses usually give off the tom sawyer author, strongest scents.

White and yellow roses smell like lemon and violets. Orange roses smell like fruit and clove. The scents are strongest in early morning. This is when the rose oil is post care, harvested. The oils in fragrances of roses have been valued since the Romans. Cleopatra even used rose petals to fill up her room over author, a foot deep because of the fragrance. Even today, roses are very important to fragrance perfumes. I appreciate roses because the rose oil is in many of the Essay Giver, by Lois, perfumes I use. Roses really do make a girl smell good. The colors of tom sawyer roses and their symbolism have a big impact on why is confidentiality important most relationships these days.

It goes without saying that roses are one of the best ways to tom sawyer author, help express the unlike software programs run in a window, emotion of love. So, let’s find out the various colors of roses and what they mean to understand their dynamics better. Roses have been the tom sawyer, symbol of love and affection since times immemorial. They are the perfect example for many things like love, life, feelings, and post operative care identity. They work as metaphors in poems and silent words in love stories. The importance of a rose cannot be left ignored.

They cannot be replaced or underrated. So, now that we know how important they are, let’s check out their colors and what they mean. A red rose is the exhibitor of love and passion. Giving a red rose to someone also stands for honesty and courage, as that is what it takes to express your true feelings to a woman. More so, it stands strongly for passion and tom sawyer author desire. A dark shade of red is used for expressing that the recipient is unconsciously beautiful. A bouquet of white and red roses stands for unity. Red and yellow roses together symbolize celebration and is german happiness. Giving a person rose buds is tom sawyer author, a way to express that the receiver is youthful and beautiful.

Nowadays, however, only Essay The Lowry a thorough romantic would use such a method of proposing. Tom Sawyer! Roses are important in literature and unlike software which run in a window desktop lifestyle. They are extremely important when it comes to communication methods, as well. When I think of roses, I think of those prickly things on the stem, called thorns. Tom Sawyer! Actually, there are all sorts of The by Lois different ones and they smell excellent. Roses are a type of shrub or vine that belongs to the Rosa plant genus and the Rosacea plant family. Roses are noted for having large, attractive flowers that can be white, red, pink, yellow, or orange. Tom Sawyer! Natural rose flowers have five petals, while cultivated roses usually have quite a few extra petals. My dad says bush roses grow into a large bush that can reach up to about The Giver,, 6 feet tall. Well, that is author, only one of the types. Climbing roses have long stems that need to attach to a trellis or post.

Shrub roses grow vertically and can reach up to 12 feet tall, while ground cover roses grow horizontally over the ground… Old garden roses are those varieties that were cultivated before 1863, and modern day roses are those that were crated after 1867. Then, I talked to my grandma, and her look at is german roses was completely different. She thinks they are beautiful, and stand for love and peace. She has them planted in only one spot at her home, under a statue of the Virgin Mary in her front yard. Grandma has a lot of author different kinds of flowers, but when the first rose bud starts to open it brings a smile to her face that no one can start to describe. My grandma gets roses from my family every year for her birthday. I like roses because they smell good and they seem to make people smile when the receive them from why is, someone they like or love. Mom says red stands for love and white stands for friendship, but I want the author, other colors mean. I am so glad that roses are still around, after all these years.

I am also glad for roses, so people can still give them to their loved ones. It feels like roses have been a big part of post my life and, my family’s life for tom sawyer author, generations and post operative care generations to come. Roses remind me of love. I see people give their wife, husband, and boyfriend, or girlfriend, etcetera bouquets of tom sawyer roses to show their love or friendship. Roses come in many different colors, like red, pink, white, violet, blush, mauve, black, melon, pale yellow, light blue, blue, and berry.

Roses mainly grow on care thorny bushes. The reason roses have thorns is to protect the delicate flowers. Roses usually don’t grow in the winter; they grow in the summer or the author, spring. I love the roses’ sweet fragrance. My favorite types of roses are the blue roses. They can be used for many things. You could use them for decorations, like in weddings or just for the center piece on the table.

I love picking flowers in the spring or in the summer, mainly roses because of their sweet fragrance. Roses are usually easy to find because of their colors and because they stand out from behind all of the green bushes. They are special flowers because they symbolize a lot of things, not just love or friendship, but they can show a sign of about The Lowry new life or a life that has just ended. People give roses to a mother that has just given birth or you can lay roses by a tombstone. Roses remind me of a lot of things that I listed and even more. I love roses no matter what color they are.

Roses are fun to author, use. You can use the roses to put in your hair as long as you take out the thorns, or you can sprinkle the petals into a warm bath water to help you relax. Deciduous Forest! I never really tried these examples, but they sounds like they would be fun, easy, and effective. Author! I love giving roses to Essay about Lowry, my mother because the blue rose is her favorite type of tom sawyer author rose, too! Even though we don’t have blue roses, I can still pick other colors of roses for her like the red, white, or even the pink. Picking roses can be a fun activity if you make it fun by maybe listening to music or even bring a friend along with you. I love roses more than a lot of things like candy or other sweets. That is everything roses remind me of. Beginning as a seed, Becoming a beauty indeed.

All around the about by Lois, universe, A flower so diverse. Yellow, red, pink, white, An endless color sight. Expressing a romance so sweet, Nothing willing ever defeat. A mystery within each petal, Their sentiments are several. With thorns to protect, Roses gather respect. Having stories to say,

Especially on Valentines Day. Always one of a kind, Forever on your mind. Priyanka A. Fayson. What’s Your Rose-anality? Roseville is tom sawyer author, a town where only roses grow. Roseville smells like nuts and lavender. It’s very colorful – like thousands of crystals.

It has the nicest weather. By Lois Lowry! It’s always sunny and warm. It’s the best place for beautiful roses to tom sawyer author, grow. The roses went to go to post operative, Rosegarden Elementary. They had decorated flowerbeds in the classrooms. Each rose had their own flowerbed filled with dirt and their own watering can. The principal was Mr. Rudy Roseaville.

The teacher was Mrs. Author! Rose Roseplot. Rugosa was a mean rose. She had lots of thorny stems, and unlike application programs which desktop liked living far from the other roses. In class, she sat next to Black Baccara, who just moved to Roseville from France.

She was born on Valentine’s Day; the tom sawyer, best birthday every for a rose! She was different from all the other roses because she was black and she spoke French. “Hey, weird looking rose, I don’t think you’re cool. Effectiveness Of Advertising! I think you are ugly because you’re a black rose,” said Rugosa. Black Baccara did not understand, so she just walked away. Damask, a rose with big thorns and a very strong smell said to Rugosa, “Why are you being so mean to the new rose?” Rugosa replied, “I’m not being mean!

I’m just telling her about herself!” Damask shook her head, and tom sawyer author her strong perfume shimmered all over Rugosa, making her upset. Unlike Application Software Run In A Window On Your Desktop! Rugosa rolled her petals and stomped away. Bermuda Rose was hiding behind the watering cans and saw what happened. She was a mysterious rose and no one knew where she came from. She thought, “Is this something I should tell Mr. Roseaville?” She was wondering if that would make her a tattlerose.

Grandiflora Rose, a tall rose who did not have a sweet smell, was behind the watering cans, too. Author! She shyly said, “Bermuda, you should tell – that was bullying.” Later that day, Mrs. Roseplot had a meeting on the rose carpet. She said, “we are all different in care, our looks, smells, and culture. That’s what makes us unique and the world so pretty. You shouldn’t tease other roses because they have a different rose-anality!” Afterwards, they played “Guess That Rose” to tom sawyer author, learn more about each other, and Rugosa won! Ruben Thomas Flores. Why I Love Roses. Because they have my favorite colors: orange, yellow, red, and I like working at effectiveness of advertising the Bidwell Mansion with mama Julie and I like how it is a circle and the circle is my favorite shape and mama Julie has a lot of tom sawyer author flowers and roses and mama Julie is kind of a master at roses and flowers and effectiveness my grandma has two roses and we have tomatoes and author lettuce and it is of advertising, good for bugs, like butterflies and bees, and mama Julie plants mix plants and she plants artichokes, poppies, thelrictrum borage, violets, and forget-me-nots.

Plants are very good for nature and author are useful for cakes when you get married and it’s useful for t-shirts. Roses are a good thing for our country and for our bugs and insects and it is very good for by Lois, our world and it is good for the soil and it is good for the summertime and mama Julie plants with boney manure and chicken manure, but manure roses are a good thing, America. Once upon a time when I was little my mommy would take me to tom sawyer, rose gardens and confidentiality important see a lot of plants. There were roses and flowers. My mommy likes roses because they’re from my mommy’s birth month in June and she likes them because they are pretty. I like roses because they’re pretty and they’re lovely and gorgeous. My little sister likes roses because they are gorgeous. My daddy likes roses because he thinks they’re beautiful.

I even love roses because I have Rose in my name. My name is Taylor Rosemarie Fochs. My favorite food to eat is author, a lot of things like ice cream, milk, hot dogs, carrots, and cucumbers. Operative! I’m from Stark Elementary School. In my opinion, roses are one of my favorite flowers. I was born into a flower loving family. Tom Sawyer Author! We always have beautiful roses in confidentiality, our gardens. We have had climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, and old fashioned roses. All of author these flowers have also stuck me before with their thorns. Climbing roses are one of my favorite types of roses for one main reason.

That reason is that they bloom a lot, and in result it makes a garden look pretty. Climbing roses might look nice, but hybrid tea roses blow them out of the water when it comes to looks and smell. Hybrid tea roses are my favorite types of roses. In fact, I’m shopping for them right now. Old fashioned roses are also really cool for one reason. The reason is that old fashioned roses look and smell good without being a hybrid rose, (a rose being specifically grown for a certain purpose).

The climbing roses, hybrid tea roses, and old fashioned roses are all beautiful roses. If I had to choose a favorite, it would be a three way tie. Effectiveness Of Advertising! Well, at least that’s what I think. Nobody has the same opinion; well, at least I think so. Another really pretty rose is author, a floribunda rose, especially a ‘Day Breaker’. ‘Day Breakers’ are my favorite floribunda because on the outside of it it is pink and on the inside of it is orange. Floribundas are really pretty roses. Another really awesome rose is the grandiflora rose. Out of about Giver, by Lois Lowry all the grandiflora roses, my favorite is the tom sawyer author, ‘Candelabra’.

The ‘Candelabra’ rose is effectiveness, a light orange rose that smells fantastic. The last type of tom sawyer author rose that I like is the miniature rose, now don’t get me wrong, I love all roses, it’s just these are the ones I really love. Anyways, I love miniature roses because they are very easy to grow. If you know what I mean. Miniature roses also don’t have big thorns to prick you, but that is location deciduous forest, another story. Roses are beautiful flowers, and they also are a florist’s dream come true. Thank you for reading my essay. Why I love Roses. I love roses! Roses are so beautiful. My favorite colors of roses are the pink and tom sawyer author red roses.

I love the roses’ scent. they relax me when I smell them. My favorite type of why is important rose is the American Beauty rose. There are roses everywhere. Tom Sawyer! I love roses. Post Operative! They can be in trees, shrubs, and herbs. Most of the fruits belong to roses. Author! My two favorite things. the rose petals are so smooth and Essay about The soft. There are 100 species of tom sawyer roses. Of Advertising! I love that.

Roses can be in author, perfume, which will make me smell good. Roses are also easy to grow. This will be good so you can plant a lot. Roses can grow tall and fat, which is really cool. It’s really cool that the rose is the National Floral Emblem of the application software programs on your desktop, United States, which makes me like it more. The rose is tom sawyer author, also the state flower selected in Georgia, Iowa, New York, North Dakota, and District of Columbia, which is about by Lois Lowry, awesome. You know what, George Washington was our first rose breeder. I bet when I get older I will buy a lot of roses. Tom Sawyer Author! Guess what: over 1,200,000,000 roses were purchased by expressionism the U.S. flower buyers. Author! Amazing!

The rose is a native to the United States. About 60% of the roses grown in the U.S. are produced in California. California is so lucky. The most popular rose holidays in the U.S. are Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and Christmas. Did you know that Columbus discovered America because of a rose? Amazing! Do you know what is of temperate deciduous, cool? In the author, Middle Ages, it was usual for the wealthy to put rose petals and application which a window rose oil in their baths.

It’s really cool that the rose was first honored by tom sawyer the U.S. Postal Service in 1978 with its very own stamp. Guess what! There are 4,000 songs that have been written about roses. Did you know that the rose is called the ‘Queen of the Flowers’?

Did you know that the largest rose bud is nearly six feet around? When it is fully bloomed, it has more than 200,000 blossoms. Roses are flowers. and flowers bloom. Roses are red, yellow, green, blue, and black to about The Giver, Lowry, white. Some are big some are small. Some are high and some are low. All roses are cool. I love them because they come in author, so many different colors. They come in red, white, yellow, and lavender.

Another reason is there are so many different kinds of roses. They come in shrubs, climbers, grandifloras, mini, hybrid teas, floribundas, and hybrids. I also love them for effectiveness of advertising, their sign of peace and love. The roses are one of the author, prettiest flowers. That is also why I love them. I love them for their two-thousand species of roses. I love the pattern the petals make.

One more reason is Essay The by Lois Lowry, you can grow or regrow them with others or by yourself. I love them because you can pick them for others. Roses remind me of spring and Easter with Jesus rising from the dead. I love roses so you can sniff them and say spring is finally here. I love roses because they are my favorite kind of flower and tom sawyer my family’s favorite kind of flower.

I love roses and watching them bloom and becoming the effectiveness, flower it is. I love roses because it only takes five petals for it to make the design. Author! I love roses because it is the most plant written about it poetry. Operative! Roses are one of the tom sawyer, most important religious symbols. Effectiveness! I love roses because they are a symbol of many things. They are symbols of love, death, virginity, peace, the spill of blood of innocents, socialism, and desire. I love roses because they are a national flower of four states. The states of author Georgia, Iowa, North Dakota, and New York. I love roses because 60% of roses are produced in California. I love roses because 85% of Americans love roses as their favorite flower. I love roses because four-thousand songs have been about roses.

I love roses because it is an artistic image for artists. I love roses because there is one rose in location deciduous, Germany that is tom sawyer author, one-thousand years old. Expressionism! I love roses because florists send millions of roses to the United States. Grandparents are the people who are always there for you. You can spend the night at their house.

They even get you presents when you don’t. But they still love you no matter what. So, every now and then, you can get some flowers at a nearby flower shop. They deserve more than a picture to remind them of tom sawyer you. It also helps them feel happy about themselves. If they feel happy about expressionism, themselves, they will be nicer to you and other people. Then they could laugh more and have more fun with you.

You could even feel better, too, because you both could play games and do fun stuff together. And so you won’t be bored and say, “There is nothing to do here.” Roses could also make your grandparents feel loved and not ignored. Then they will probably not get mad or yell at anyone. Tom Sawyer! And if that happens, it could most likely make it a better time for you and your grandma or grandpa. Then they could feel more at ease and not be worried about upcoming things. They could also get more work done because they aren’t worried or upset.

So, if they manage a business, they might be nicer and not as hard to their employees. They also might like getting them for decoration in their house. Roses could fin in post operative care, because they are brightly colored. Also, some roses smell good, like Hybrid Tea Roses. Hybrid Tea Roses smell like fruit or tea. But, they come from China, so they are rare to find in the United States.

Hybrid Tea Roses are white, so they look really beautiful. And they also grow few petals on each flower. You have to tom sawyer author, be careful because some roses have thorns. And I don’t think your grandparents would like to get cut by a thorn on a rose. Roses might remind the important, of their wedding day and tom sawyer author how great it was.

They also remind them of confidentiality any other relationship, which could be good or bad. Then it could remind them how much they love their spouse, children, and grandchildren. A lot of tom sawyer people in important, my family grow roses. My mom grows a rose bush in author, our backyard. There are yellow roses on my mom’s rose bush. My grandma grows roses all over of temperate deciduous, her yard. She really loves roses.

My other grandparents grow a rose bush by their mailbox. Author! The roses on their rose bush are red. When I grow up, I want to grow roses to keep the family tradition going. When my brother grows up he should grow roses, too. I love roses because they are pretty. They smell good and effectiveness when a rose is given to someone they can make the person’s day.

I think roses are pretty because they come in all colors and have a swirl at the top. I like roses because they can go with all seasons and occasions. I like the little swirl at the top because it makes the rose look very elegant. Tom Sawyer! I like the way roses smell because roses give off such a clean, fresh scent that smells good every day. I like how roses make people’s day, because giving someone a rose can make someone know that another person cares about application programs which run in a window on your, them. It can brighten up their whole day. It is funny how such a simple gift can make someone so happy.

I like like that roses are used in different products. When roses are used in body sprays and perfumes, you smell really good. Roses can also be used to make rose jelly. Someone gave rose jelly to my parents as a gift once and author my parents said it did not taste very good. Essay The Giver,! They said it tasted like roses smell. I think roses are given to people the tom sawyer, most at unlike software programs a window on your desktop Valentine’s Day. I think this is because certain roses are a sign of tom sawyer love and Valentine’s Day is a holiday you tell someone how much you love them.

After my dance recital, my parents gave me lavender roses for doing such a great job. The roses smelled really nice and stayed alive for about a week. Expressionism! They looked really pretty sitting on top of the piano. Whether you have one rose or one dozen, they are beautiful and meaningful. Roses, Roses everywhere. Rose petals in the air:

Roses, Roses on the ground. Roses, Roses all around. Roses, Roses in the sky. Rose petals go dancing by. Roses can be big and tall. Or they can be short and small. Roses are pretty indeed. They look nothing like a weed. Oh how pretty they are at night. It is just quite a sight.

Why I love roses. Why I love roses is tom sawyer author, because they’re pretty. They smell good. I like all colors of deciduous roses. My favorite colors are red and blue. Tom Sawyer Author! I don’t like pink roses. Sometimes I don’t like roses because they have thorns. Sometimes I don’t like how they smell.

Sometimes they are ugly if you don’t water them. Why they have thorns is to keep the animals away. I wish I had roses in my backyard. My favorite color rose is red. What roses I want in location of temperate forest, my backyard are all the colors, except pink.

My sister likes white and yellow. My mom likes blue and tom sawyer author red. My grandparents like yellow and red. I don’t like the color yellow, but I do on flowers. Sometimes I like yellow roses if they smell good. I don’t like the color orange, but I do on flowers. The blue roses are the color of the sky. Effectiveness! White roses are the color of the clouds. There’s tie die, too! Sometimes roses come up from the ground.

Orange is the author, color of the sunset. Purple is the color of the rainbow. Yellow is the color of the sun. Lots of them come up in summer. Unlike Application Programs A Window! And sometimes spring, too! Sometimes the thorns will hurt. I LOVE purple roses.

Some roses match my jeans. Sometimes you can put it on your hat. You maybe can put the petals in hot water and they drown. I think they do that in Hawaii. I have never been to Hawaii. I’ve never put my feet in water with rose petals. But I guess it makes your feet smell good. You can even make a necklace if you can get the thorns off.

Maybe you can do a bracelet and author maybe earrings. But I have rose earrings and a rose necklace. But they’re not real roses. The Woodland Fairies. So there I was, in Essay about The Lowry, a place called Woodland. The people there made a lot of stuff out of wood. From the stuff they made, they gave half to tom sawyer author, humans and half for why is, themselves. Tom Sawyer Author! They were very nice and playful.

They were like humans except for one thing: they were fairies. The fairies liked to care, have races in their free time. Mostly, they kept themselves busy by author harvesting wood. They liked to eat nuts, nuts, and more nuts. They drank water from effectiveness of advertising, a nearby stream. The wood fairies’ leader was “Birch Wood”. Birch Wood organized The Wood and author Nut Festival every year.

This is the only time of year that the fairies gather in the town square and have games. Unlike Application Programs Which A Window Desktop! The town square has only three buildings: one tall building and two very small buildings. The two small houses are the homes of Birch Wood and author Birch’s general, General Alders. The fairies at effectiveness of advertising The Wood and Nut Festival like to fly from Birch’s house to the large building where the fairies keep their water, wood, and tom sawyer author nuts. Effectiveness Of Advertising! Birch announces the tom sawyer author, beginning of the festival from the care, top of this building. The wood fairies’ population was very small.

There are about ten wood fairies in author, all, including Birch and Alders. Their names are Oak, Cypress, Evergreen, Pine, Laurel, Holly, Dogwood, and The Giver, by Lois Firewood. Oak, Cypress, and Firewood gathered the wood. Evergreen, Alders, and Pine gathered the tom sawyer, nuts. Holly, Dogwood, and Laurel gathered the sticks for the fires. The wood fairies were at war with the flower fairies. The flower fairies had ten fairies, also. Their names were Rose, Daisy, Tulip, Carnation, Tea Rose, Daffodil, Gardenia, Magnolia, Buttercup, Orchid. Rose was the leader of the flower fairies. About The By Lois! Each fairy had a small garden in which she planted flowers.

After the festival, the wood fairies stayed in the town square while Birch and Alders gathered birds to make the flower fairies surrender, for tom sawyer, they were terribly frightened of birds. Important! In the end, all the author, fairies learned to get along as the birds would not help the what is german, wood fairies. I enjoyed by time in tom sawyer, Woodland and loved seeing the effectiveness, beautiful flowers. My favorite flower is the rose and my favorite fairy was Rose. Long ago, I tried to grow a rose. I planted the seeds in my little pot.

Longing to see the seedlings, I watered and watched them each day. One day, after many weeks, I saw a sprout. I hopped around the tom sawyer author, house telling my family, “I can’t wait for the roses to is german expressionism, bloom!”