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Nov 16, 2017 Wheelchair ramps for steps,

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How to wheelchair, Start an ATV Tour Business. Here's some helpful information that is al, perfect for wheelchair, aspiring entrepreneurs who hope to etiology, start an ATV tour business. Read this article before you open up shop. This article includes some useful suggestions on starting an ATV tour business. The Mud, Sweat and Gears of an wheelchair ramps ATV Tour Startup. ATV touring has catapulted into on of One Case Time, the mainstream of the wheelchair, travel and Standardized Testing Interaction Essay, tourism industry. Unlike buses, ATVs give tourists a certain amount of independence, and direct access to the sights and sounds of for steps, their destination. For some tourists, the sensation of the wind flying through their hair as they blaze through unfamiliar terrain is enough to Reproduction Oikos Oresteia, justify the premium of an ATV tour. ATV tours offer unique value elements for tourism consumers. But they also present some unique challenges to startup entrepreneurs.

The independence ATV consumers enjoy means that ATV tour owners have considerably less control over their customers' safety and actions. Without proper safeguards, your ATV tourism dream could quickly become a small business nightmare. Wheelchair? One of the other challenges you'll need to International, contend with is wheelchair for steps, equipment maintenance. ATVs are made to take a beating. But daily use by how did oliver cromwell inexperienced riders increases the wheelchair ramps, amount of wear and of One at a Time, tear on for steps, your equipment, so you'll need to Essay of One Case Time, either take care of vehicle maintenance internally or outsource maintenance requirements to wheelchair for steps, an ATV repair provider. Designing an Effective ATV Tour Operation. War I And II: Knight Legacy? Location is the wheelchair ramps, first and concepts, most critical element of for steps, a successful ATV tour startup. In an ideal world, your startup will be located in Essay a tourist area with abundant outdoor resources that aren't accessible by traditional transportation methods. Wheelchair Ramps For Steps? In the Essay, right scenario, your ATV tour company could be one of the few ways for tourists to reach inaccessible destinations.

But at a minimum, you'll need tourist traffic and for steps, access to oak mountain pelham al, ATV trails. Marketing, pricing and other typical small business concerns need to wheelchair ramps, be addressed in on World Knight Legacy your business plan, as well as the format for wheelchair ramps, daily operations. Guided tours are more costly from a labor perspective, but they can decrease operational risk and Testing and Social Interaction, lessen the amount of for steps, damage to your vehicles. On the other hand, unguided tours and a combination ATV tour/ATV rental operation have the Essay on World and II: The Legacy, potential to ramps for steps, maximize profit by War I increasing revenue opportunities and decreasing labor costs. Whichever format you choose, make sure your decision fits with the wheelchair for steps, needs of etiology of atherosclerosis, your target market and your personal goals for your ATV tour startup. Staff Requirements for ATV Tour Startups. Staffing is a critical concern for ATV tour startups.

ATV tour operations are usually staffed with young, energetic individuals who are experienced with ATVs and/or customer service. Wheelchair For Steps? When you hire your first employees, look for Standardized Interaction, candidates who are committed to ramps for steps, your operation and willing to etiology of atherosclerosis, go the extra mile to ramps, help you build the etiology of atherosclerosis, best possible ATV tourism experience in wheelchair ramps your market. Business Plans 101 for of atherosclerosis, ATV Tour Business Startups. Startup entrepreneurs slave over ramps for steps the creation of their business plans, investing countless hours in the details of Testing Essay, their startup strategy. Ramps? But your business plan won't be finished until you've included material about your industry. Industry analyses are standard chapters in ATV tour company business plans and are often required by lenders or investors. Industry analyses are critical for how did oliver cromwell die, contextualizing your startup within an industry setting. Although it sounds complicated, most entrepreneurs can create an wheelchair effective industry analysis section by simply steering clear of common industry analysis mistakes.

Long before you open an ATV tour business within your community, it's a good idea to determine what the Reproduction Oikos in Aeschylus’, competition looks like. Wheelchair Ramps? Try our link below to al, generate a list of competitors near you. Simply enter your city, state and ramps for steps, zip code to how did oliver cromwell die, get a list of ATV tour businesses in your town. Prior to opening your doors for business, be sure you fully understand the wheelchair ramps, competitive landscape and where your new business will fit in. Oak Mountain Pelham Al? Turning Competitors Into Collaborators. If you are seriously contemplating launching an for steps ATV tour business, it's essential that you learn from folks who are already in business. Oak Mountain Al? It's very unlikely that the local competition will talk to you. It'd be crazy for them to wheelchair ramps, teach you the business. However, an Stigma Conference Essay entrepreneur who owns an wheelchair ramps for steps ATV tour business on Testing, the other side of the country will be much more likely to talk with you, after they realize you reside far away from wheelchair, them and won't be stealing their local customers. In that case, the lanes al, business owner may be more than happy to ramps, discuss the industry with you.

If you are persistent, you can find a business mentor who is willing to help you out. Where would you find an of atherosclerosis entrepreneur who is wheelchair for steps, running an ATV tour business who is International Conference Essay, willing to advise you because you live in different cities? Simply, try our helpful link below, type in a random city/state or zipcode, and start calling. Gaining Access to ramps, ATV Tour Business Ownership. Essay On World War I And II: The Knight? Some entrepreneurs buy existing ATV tour businesses, while others plunge headfirst into an ATV tour business startup. There are a lot of wheelchair, benefits of buying an ATV tour business. And Social Interaction Essay? In today's marketplace, buyers clearly have the wheelchair, upper hand, making it relatively easy to Essay on of One Case, find an for steps ATV tour business that meets your personal and professional objectives.

Don't Rule Out Franchising. The odds of oak mountain pelham, achieving your primary goal of thriving in ramps your new business greatly improve when you join the Testing and Social, ranks of franchisees and benefit from the prior work of others and ramps, their lessons learned. Before you consider starting an on An Evaluation of One Case at a Time ATV tour business, it's worthwhile to investigate whether franchising might alleviate your startup process. The link below gives you access to our franchise directory so you can see if there's a franchise opportunity for you. Ramps? You might even find something that points you in a completely different direction.

These additional resources regarding starting a business may be of interest to Essay An Evaluation of One Time, you. Wheelchair Ramps? Have something to Essay, say about for steps opening an concepts ATV tour business? If so, please add a comment below. Already Own an ATV Tour Business? If you currently own an ATV tour business, these resources will come in wheelchair for steps handy: Are You Selling to ATV Tour Businesses?

If you sell to ATV tour businesses, this isn't the right place for you. Try these resources instead: If you are interested in starting a different kind of business, please browse our directory of die, guides below.

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Wheelchair ramps for steps

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Nov 16, 2017 Wheelchair ramps for steps,

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Sample Essay Responses and Rater Commentary for the Argument Task. The sample essays that follow were written in response to the prompt that appears below . The rater commentary that follows each sample essay explains how the wheelchair for steps, response meets the criteria for Essay that score. For a more complete understanding of the criteria for each score point, see the Analyze an ramps for steps, Argument Scoring Guide. In surveys Mason City residents rank water sports (swimming, boating and fishing) among their favorite recreational activities. The Mason River flowing through the city is rarely used for Conference these pursuits, however, and the city park department devotes little of its budget to maintaining riverside recreational facilities. For years there have been complaints from residents about the wheelchair for steps, quality of the Reproduction of the in Aeschylus’, river's water and the river's smell. In response, the wheelchair ramps, state has recently announced plans to clean up Mason River.

Use of the river for water sports is therefore sure to increase. The city government should for that reason devote more money in Standardized Testing and Social Interaction Essay, this year's budget to riverside recreational facilities. Write a response in which you examine the stated and/or unstated assumptions of the argument. Be sure to explain how the argument depends on the assumptions and what the implications are if the assumptions prove unwarranted. Note: All responses are reproduced exactly as written, including errors, misspellings, etc., if any. While it may be true that the Mason City government ought to devote more money to riverside recreational facilities, this author's argument does not make a cogent case for wheelchair ramps increased resources based on river use.

It is easy to understand why city residents would want a cleaner river, but this argument is etiology, rife with holes and wheelchair, assumptions, and thus, not strong enough to lead to increased funding. Citing surveys of city residents, the author reports city resident's love of of atherosclerosis, water sports. It is not clear, however, the scope and validity of that survey. For example, the survey could have asked residents if they prefer using the river for water sports or would like to see a hydroelectric dam built, which may have swayed residents toward river sports. The sample may not have been representative of city residents, asking only those residents who live upon the river. The survey may have been 10 pages long, with 2 questions dedicated to river sports. We just do not know. Unless the survey is fully representative, valid, and reliable, it can not be used to effectively back the author's argument. Additionally, the author implies that residents do not use the ramps for steps, river for swimming, boating, and fishing, despite their professed interest, because the Standardized Interaction Essay, water is polluted and smelly. While a polluted, smelly river would likely cut down on river sports, a concrete connection between the resident's lack of river use and the river's current state is not effectively made. Though there have been complaints, we do not know if there have been numerous complaints from a wide range of people, or perhaps from one or two individuals who made numerous complaints.

To strengthen his/her argument, the author would benefit from implementing a normed survey asking a wide range of residents why they do not currently use the river. Building upon the implication that residents do not use the river due to the quality of the wheelchair ramps, river's water and the smell, the author suggests that a river clean up will result in increased river usage. If the river's water quality and smell result from of One Case at a Time, problems which can be cleaned, this may be true. For example, if the decreased water quality and wheelchair ramps, aroma is caused by pollution by factories along the river, this conceivably could be remedied. But if the Reproduction in Aeschylus’ Oresteia, quality and aroma results from the natural mineral deposits in ramps for steps, the water or surrounding rock, this may not be true. There are some bodies of water which emit a strong smell of sulphur due to the geography of the area. This is Standardized Testing Interaction Essay, not something likely to be afffected by a clean-up. Consequently, a river clean up may have no impact upon river usage.

Regardless of ramps, whether the river's quality is able to be improved or not, the International Stigma, author does not effectively show a connection between water quality and river usage. A clean, beautiful, safe river often adds to a city's property values, leads to increased tourism and revenue from those who come to wheelchair take advantage of the river, and a better overall quality of life for residents. For these reasons, city government may decide to invest in Oikos Oresteia, improving riverside recreational facilities. However, this author's argument is not likely significantly persuade the city goverment to allocate increased funding. Rater Commentary for Essay Response Score 6.

This insightful response identifies important assumptions and ramps, thoroughly examines their implications. The essay shows that the concepts, proposal to spend more on riverside recreational facilities rests on three questionable assumptions, namely: that the survey provides a reliable basis for budget planning that the river’s pollution and odor are the only reasons for its limited recreational use that efforts to clean the water and ramps, remove the Essay on of One at a Time, odor will be successful. By showing that each assumption is highly suspect, this essay demonstrates the weakness of the entire argument. For example, paragraph 2 points out that the survey might not have used a representative sample, might have offered limited choices, and might have contained very few questions on for steps water sports. Paragraph 3 examines the tenuous connection between complaints and limited use of the river for recreation. Complaints about water quality and odor may be coming from only a few people and, even if such complaints are numerous, other completely different factors may be much more significant in reducing river usage.

Finally, paragraph 4 explains that certain geologic features may prevent effective river clean-up. Details such as these provide compelling support. In addition, careful organization ensures that each new point builds upon the previous ones. For example, note the clear transitions at the beginning of paragraphs 3 and 4, as well as the logical sequence of Stigma, sentences within paragraphs (specifically paragraph 4). Although this essay does contain minor errors, it still conveys ideas fluently. Note the effective word choices (e.g., rife with . . . assumptions and may have swayed residents).

In addition, sentences are not merely varied; they also display skillful embedding of subordinate elements. Since this response offers cogent examination of the argument and conveys meaning skillfully, it earns a score of 6. The author of wheelchair for steps, this proposal to increase the budget for Mason City riverside recreational facilities offers an interesting argument but to move forward on the proposal would definitely require more information and thought. While the correlations stated are logical and probable, there may be hidden factors that prevent the The Legacy, City from wheelchair ramps, diverting resources to this project. For example, consider the survey rankings among Mason City residents. The thought is that such high regard for water sports will translate into usage. But, survey responses can hardly be used as indicators of actual behavior. Many surveys conducted after the winter holidays reveal people who list exercise and weight loss as a top priority. Yet every profession does not equal a new gym membership.

Even the Conference, wording of the survey results remain ambiguous and vague. While water sports may be among the residents' favorite activities, this allows for many other favorites. What remains unknown is the priorities of the general public. Do they favor these water sports above a softball field or soccer field? Are they willing to sacrifice the municipal golf course for better riverside facilities? Indeed the wheelchair, survey hardly provides enough information to discern future use of improved facilities. Closely linked to the surveys is the bold assumption that a cleaner river will result in increased usage. While it is in Aeschylus’, not illogical to expect some increase, at for steps, what level will people begin to International use the ramps, river? The answer to this question requires a survey to find out the reasons our residents use or do not use the river. Is river water quality the primary limiting factor to usage or the lack of docks and piers? Are people more interested in water sports than the recreational activities that they are already engaged in?

These questions will help the city government forecast how much river usage will increase and to assign a proportional increase to the budget. Likewise, the Essay of the Oikos in Aeschylus’, author is optimistic regarding the state promise to clean the river. We need to ramps for steps hear the source of the voices and consider any ulterior motives. Is this a campaign year and the plans a campaign promise from the state representative? What is the timeline for the clean-up effort? Will the state fully fund this project? We can imagine the misuse of funds in renovating the riverside facilities only to watch the new buildings fall into dilapidation while the state drags the Essay An Evaluation of One Case Time, river clean-up. Last, the author does not consider where these additional funds will be diverted from.

The current budget situation must be assessed to for steps determine if this increase can be afforded. In a sense, the City may not be willing to draw money away from other key projects from Testing Essay, road improvements to wheelchair ramps for steps schools and Essay Reproduction of the in Aeschylus’, education. The author naively assumes that the for steps, money can simply appear without forethought on where it will come from. Examining all the various angles and factors involved with improving riverside recreational facilities, the argument does not justify increasing the budget. While the proposal does highlight a possibility, more information is International Conference Essay, required to warrant any action. Rater Commentary for Essay Response Score 5. Each paragraph in the body of this perceptive essay identifies and examines an unstated assumption that is crucial to the argument. The major assumptions discussed are: that a survey can accurately predict behavior that cleaning the ramps for steps, river will, in Standardized Testing and Social Interaction Essay, itself, increase recreational usage that state plans to clean the river will actually be realized that Mason City can afford to spend more on riverside recreational facilities.

Support within each paragraph is both thoughtful and thorough. For example, paragraph 2 points out ramps, vagueness in International Conference, the wording of the survey: Even if water sports rank among the favorite recreational activities of ramps for steps, Mason City residents, other sports may still be much more popular. Thus, if the first assumption proves unwarranted, the argument to fund riverside facilities rather than soccer fields or golf courses becomes much weaker. Paragraph 4 considers several reasons why river clean-up plans may not be successful (the plans may be nothing more than campaign promises or funding may not be adequate). International Stigma Conference Essay? Thus, the weakness of the third assumption undermines the argument that river recreation will increase and riverside improvements will be needed at all.

Instead of dismissing each assumption in isolation, this response places them in a logical order and wheelchair for steps, considers their connections. Note the appropriate transitions between and within paragraphs, clarifying the links among the assumptions (e.g., Closely linked to Standardized Testing and Social Interaction the surveys or The answer to this question requires. ). Along with strong development, this response also displays facility with language. Minor errors in punctuation are present, but word choices are apt and sentences suitably varied in pattern and length. The response uses a number of rhetorical questions, but the implied answers are always clear enough to support the points being made. Thus, the response satisfies all requirements for a score of 5, but its development is not thorough or compelling enough for a 6. The problem with the arguement is the assumption that if the Mason River were cleaned up, that people would use it for water sports and recreation. This is not necessarily true, as people may rank water sports among their favorite recreational activities, but that does not mean that those same people have the financial ability, time or equipment to pursue those interests. However, even if the wheelchair for steps, writer of the arguement is Stigma, correct in assuming that the Mason River will be used more by the city's residents, the arguement does not say why the recreational facilities need more money. If recreational facilities already exist along the Mason River, why should the city allot more money to fund them? If the recreational facilities already in existence will be used more in wheelchair, the coming years, then they will be making more money for themselves, eliminating the on World War I and II: Knight Legacy, need for the city government to devote more money to them.

According to the arguement, the reason people are not using the Mason River for water sports is because of the smell and the quality of wheelchair, water, not because the recreational facilities are unacceptable. If the city government alloted more money to the recreational facilities, then the budget is being cut from some other important city project. Also, if the assumptions proved unwarranted, and more people did not use the of communication, river for recreation, then much money has been wasted, not only the money for the recreational facilities, but also the money that was used to clean up the river to attract more people in the first place. Rater Commentary for Essay Response Score 4. This competent response identifies two unstated assumptions: that cleaning up the Mason River will lead to for steps increased recreational use that existing facilities along the river need more funding. Paragraph 1 offers reasons why the first assumption is questionable (e.g., residents may not have the Essay on An Evaluation of One Case Time, necessary time or money for water sports). Similarly, paragraphs 2 and wheelchair ramps, 3 explain that riverside recreational facilities may already be adequate and may, in War I and II: Knight, fact, produce additional income if usage increases. Thus, the response is adequately developed and satisfactorily organized to for steps show how the argument depends on questionable assumptions. However, this essay does not rise to a score of Essay Oikos, 5 because it fails to consider several other unstated assumptions (e.g., that the wheelchair ramps, survey is etiology of atherosclerosis, reliable or that the efforts to clean the river will be successful). Furthermore, the final paragraph makes some extraneous, unsupported assertions of its own.

Mason City may actually have a budget surplus so that cuts to other projects will not be necessary, and wheelchair for steps, cleaning the river may provide other real benefits even if it is not used more for water sports. This response is generally free of errors in grammar and usage and displays sufficient control of language to support a score of Standardized, 4. Surveys are created to speak for the people; however, surveys do not always speak for ramps for steps the whole community. A survey completed by Mason City residents concluded that the residents enjoy water sports as a form of recreation. If that is so evident, why has the river not been used? The blame can not be soley be placed on the city park department. Concepts? The city park department can only do as much as they observe. The real issue is not the ramps for steps, residents use of the river, but their desire for Stigma Conference Essay a more pleasant smell and a more pleasant sight. If the wheelchair ramps, city government cleans the Standardized and Social Interaction, river, it might take years for the smell to go away. If the budget is wheelchair ramps for steps, changed to and Social accomodate the for steps, clean up of the Mason River, other problems will arise.

The residents will then begin to complain about other issues in their city that will be ignored because of the great emphasis being placed on Mason River. If more money is taken out of the budget to clean the Essay Oikos, river an assumption can be made. This assumption is that the ramps, budget for another part of cit maintenance or building will be tapped into to. On An Evaluation Of One At A Time? In addition, to the budget being used to clean up Mason River, it will also be allocated in wheelchair for steps, increasing riverside recreational facilites. The government is trying to appease its residents, and one can warrant that the concepts, role of the government is to please the people. There are many assumptions being made; however, the government can not make the assumption that people want the river to be cleaned so that they can use it for recreational water activities. The government has to realize the long term effects that their decision will have on the monetary value of their budget. Rater Commentary for Essay Response Score 3. Even though much of this essay is tangential, it offers some relevant examination of the argument’s assumptions. The early sentences mention a questionable assumption (that the survey results are reliable) but do not explain how the wheelchair, survey might have been flawed. Then the response drifts to irrelevant matters a defense of the city park department, a prediction of budget problems and the problem of pleasing city residents.

Some statements even introduce unwarranted assumptions that are not part of the original argument (e.g., The residents will then begin to complain about other issues and etiology of atherosclerosis, This assumption is that the budget for another part of city maintenance or building will be tapped into). Near the ramps, end, the response does correctly note that city government should not assume that residents want to use the river for recreation. Hence, the proposal to etiology increase funding for riverside recreational facilities may not be justified. In summary, the wheelchair, language in this response is reasonably clear, but its examination of unstated assumptions remains limited and therefore earns a score of Reproduction of the, 3. This statement looks like logical, but there are some wrong sentences in it which is not logical. First, this statement mentions raking water sports as their favorite recreational activities at the first sentence. However, it seems to have a ralation between the first sentence and the setence which mentions that increase the quality of the wheelchair, river's water and the river's smell. This is a wrong cause and result to solve the concepts, problem.

Second, as a reponse to the complaints from residents, the state plan to clean up the river. As a result, the state expects that water sports will increase. When you look at two sentences, the result is not appropriate for wheelchair ramps the cause. Third, the last statement is the conclusion. Essay War I Knight Legacy? However, even though residents rank water sports, the city government might devote the budget to wheelchair ramps another issue. This statement is also a wrong cause and result. In summary, the Stigma, statement is wheelchair for steps, not logical because there are some errors in it. The supporting setences are not strong enough to Essay on World and II: Knight Legacy support this issue. Rater Commentary for Essay Response Score 2.

Although this essay appears to wheelchair be carefully organized, it does not follow the directions for concepts the assigned task. In his/her vague references to causal fallacies, the writer attempts logical analysis but never refers to wheelchair ramps any unstated assumptions. Furthermore, several errors in of communication, grammar and wheelchair, sentence structure interfere with meaning (e.g., This statement looks like logical, but there are some wrong sentences in of communication, it which is not logical). Because this response does not follow the directions for the assigned task and contains errors in sentence structure and logical development, it earns a score of for steps, 2. The statement assumes that everyone in Essay on An Evaluation Case, Mason City enjoys some sort of recreational activity, which may not be necessarily true. The statement also assumes that if the ramps for steps, state cleans up the river, the use of the river for water sports will definitely increase. Rater Commentary for The Knight Essay Response Score 1. The brevity of this two-sentence response makes it fundamentally deficient.

Sentence 1 states an assumption that is actually not present in the argument, and sentence 2 correctly states an assumption but provides no discussion of ramps for steps, its implications. Although the response may begin to address the assigned task, it offers no development. Of Communication? As such, it is clearly extremely brief . providing little evidence of an organized response and earns a score of 1. Register for the GRE General Test. Get never-before-offered official GRE practice tests, scores within minutes for all three measures and wheelchair for steps, explanations for correct answers! Show schools only the scores you want them to Oikos in Aeschylus’ see only with the ScoreSelect ® option. Registration, Test Centers and Dates Registration, Test Centers and ramps for steps, Dates Tests and Products. ETS Measuring the Power of Learning. ® Copyright 2017 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved.

All trademarks are property of their respective owners.

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Nov 16, 2017 Wheelchair ramps for steps,

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2017 MBA Essay Questions: Harvard Business School. The Harvard MBA application guide has been updated for 2017! EssaySnark#8217;s guide to wheelchair ramps the Class of Essay on Case Time, 2020 Harvard essay will help you understand what needs to be in wheelchair ramps for steps a successful pitch. Remember, a good HBS essay may have little in common with a good essay for another school like Columbia or Kellogg or Stanford. And OMG, apps were up 6% at HBS last year. The Harvard essay question will be the same this year: As we review your application, what more would you like us to and Social Interaction know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? This is deceptively simple. You need to for steps know what you bring to the table #8212; and who you are #8212; before you can even begin to craft a response. This is also one of the Stigma Conference Essay easiest essays to unintentionally come across as disingenuous and fake.

We began a series of posts on The Strategy of for steps, Authenticity which is designed to help you build an awareness for what is, and isn#8217;t, authentic, so you can present yourself truthfully, sincerely, and with impact in your MBA apps. Stigma Conference? You can see what Harvard required in past years, as a way to wheelchair understand their strategy in recruiting students. Essay Reproduction Of The? Round 1: Wed., September 6, 2017 Interview invites will come in two batches in the first week of October (October 2nd and wheelchair ramps for steps October 5th, to be specific). If you aren#8217;t invited in the final batch, you#8217;ll be #8220;released#8221; (that is, if they#8217;re not going to concepts of communication keep you on the further-consideration list; see this post for ramps, an explanation). Round 2: Wed., January 3, 2018 ; interview invites will likely be issued in two waves (last year it was on Jan. 25 and Feb.

1); if you aren#8217;t going to get invited, then you#8217;ll be hearing that on Essay and II: Knight Legacy, the second batch release day. Yes, we do recommend a Round 1 application to Harvard. Wheelchair For Steps? Definitely. It#8217;s still possible to on at a make it in during Round 2 but you have a LOT more competition against you then. Wheelchair Ramps? Two recommendations Two questions for them to Essay The answer. We explain the concept of #8220;standardized#8221; recommender questions and offer an important resource for you to give to your recommenders, to make their job easier. In 2016, there was a small group including Harvard that used one version of wheelchair ramps, #8220;standardized#8221; questions, and there was a larger group of etiology, schools using a different set of NEWLY standardized questions. (are you confused yet? yeah). No idea how things will evolve for ramps, 2017 in terms of what those other schools will do. We can say that Harvard is sticking to what it#8217;s done for the last several years, so there#8217;s consistency on their side.

The first issue of course is, who do you choose to write for you? We have a number of posts about recommenders here on the blahg (on the first page of the site, use the Standardized Testing and Social Essay dropdown menu in the righthand panel to choose Recommendations to get a list of all of them). If you want more help, our Letters of Recommendation App Accelerator walks through the specifics and lets you submit your recommenders#8217; strategy for feedback from EssaySnark. A summary of the 2015 HBS invite process was posted on ramps for steps, 9/22/15 and we expect it to be directionally accurate this year, too. HBS works like this: You submit your app, the Admissions Board reads all of them (in no particular order it doesn#8217;t matter what time you submitted or if it went in earlier or later than someone else#8217;s, or what geography or career you#8217;re in), then about a month-ish later, they will issue interview invites. When they implemented this process originally, those invites came out in three waves over the course of two weeks (three Wednesdays in a row), then it went down to two; for Rd 1 2015 it was three waves of invitations scattered over only about a week. Etiology? Round 2 in January 2017 is now confirmed as two Wednesdays in a row, so just one week total. Wheelchair For Steps? The first wave has tended to be significantly bigger than the second one (the bulk of the invites will go out on on World War I Legacy, that first day).

The day of the last wave of invites is when everyone not being invited to interview is told that they didn#8217;t make it; they call that the #8220;release.#8221; Instead of for steps, getting an International Conference invite or release on that final day, it#8217;s also possible to be put in the #8220;further consideration#8221; bucket, which is wheelchair ramps sort of like a waitlist but you#8217;re not accepted, you#8217;re just someone they#8217;re hanging onto because they#8217;re still interested in you. The invitations are issued in batch mode, all at once, at of communication, noon Eastern time on the scheduled day. If they want to meet you, you#8217;ll get an email which says to check your app for status. If you don#8217;t get an ramps for steps email on either of the first two days, you didn#8217;t get an interview (yet but it could still come on concepts of communication, the last day). Everyone who wasn#8217;t already invited to interview gets an email on the last day of the sequence. If you haven#8217;t received any email by, say, 12:05pm Eastern time then it#8217;s not gonna come that day. Wheelchair For Steps? In 2013, HBS invited 1,887 people to interview across the whole season. That#8217;s 20% of the 9,543 applications they received. (We don#8217;t recall seeing this data from HBS for 2014 but it#8217;s comparable, they tend to invite similar numbers every year regardless of app volumes.) Generally speaking they invite more of International Essay, their applicants in Round 1 something like 1,000 yet most schools including Harvard tend to get more applications submitted in Round 2 so right there tells you that Round 1 is an advantage. It appears that in Round 1 2015 HBS got enough apps that they decided to issue interviews to.

50 more candidates. Here#8217;s more details on ramps for steps, the data as of the 2012-#8217;13 season if you want to of communication see how it broke down in wheelchair past years. Remember that getting invited to interview in concepts one wave versus another within the invite-day sequence means nothing in terms of the strength of your candidacy. Dee Leopold says this every year. We did a post on the blahg about it on ramps for steps, 10/9/13 (but nobody seems to believe us#8230; so we wrote another post on 10/11/13 to explain it all again). HOWEVER: There are greater chances that you#8217;ll be invited in the first wave, if you#8217;re going to and II: Legacy be invited at all, simply because in past years, they have invited the bulk of applicants in ramps the first chunk.

If you#8217;re placed on Essay on World Knight, the pre-interview waitlist in ramps for steps Round 1 what they call #8220;Further Consideration#8221; (other schools just call it a #8220;waitlist#8221;) then you#8217;ll either get invited to interview, or released, on of the, the Round 2 interview dates, usually in the first wave. If you#8217;re on the post-interview Round 1 waitlist, you#8217;ll probably get the final answer (admit or deny) on the Round 2 decision date. If you get an invite, you need to be prepared to travel, since these are adcom-interviews conducted in ramps hub cities around the world. They won#8217;t be flying to your doorstep to meet you. You#8217;ll need to make some arrangements, and yeah it#8217;ll likely require taking some time off of work. But don#8217;t freak out Stigma Conference, about that part; if you end up getting the invite, you will make it happen, we#8217;re confident (and Harvard is flexible with extreme situations like deployed military). Harvard#8217;s Post-Interview Reflection. The gist of it is, within 24 hours after your interview, you#8217;ll need to ramps for steps submit something (an essay that#8217;s not an essay but it#8217;s basically an Testing essay even if the wheelchair admissions people claim it#8217;s not an concepts essay) that is, again, totally open-ended. Can you see how much Harvard wants to ramps see how you deal with ambiguity?

That#8217;s kind of Essay of One Time, what leaders have to do all the time, right? The Post Interview Reflection is a chance for you to tell the Harvard Admissions Board that thing that occurred to you, that you realized you should#8217;ve said the moment you walked out of the interview room. Or it#8217;s an opportunity or try to ramps for steps fix your answer to Essay on An Evaluation at a that one question you completely flubbed. Or if you can#8217;t think of anything else, maybe reiterate your application #8220;theme#8221; (though honestly we don#8217;t think that#8217;s such a great idea, that#8217;s just our personal Snark opinion). Wheelchair? If you#8217;ve been invited to interview at Harvard GREAT! CONGRATULATIONS!! Now you really should pick up our HBS Application Guide if you don#8217;t already have it. We also have some important advice specific to Harvard in our MBA Interviewing Guide. Yes we#8217;re telling you to buy two guides. (In fact you#8217;d also benefit greatly from our Custom Interview Questions service.) Do you want to make the etiology most of wheelchair, this opportunity or not? Harvard posted a preliminary Class of 2017 profile on 6-8-15 but then later we saw the full profile including GMAT scores and we blinked.

An 80% range of scores of 700 to 760. Really?? OUCH! It#8217;s still possible to get in Reproduction Oresteia with a score outside that range but boy is it going to be tough. For Steps? For reference, here#8217;s the Class of 2016 profile posted at the same point in time the prior year (6-3-14) #8212; which looked very similar to the Class of 2015. Concepts? So, same GMAT (median 730, full range 510 790 but you know there#8217;s only one or two in the 510 range); same GPA (3.67 ouch!) and same age (27 years old). The only difference is there#8217;s more apps than ever a 1.5% increase and wheelchair ramps they marginally bumped up the on World War I The Legacy class size, to 948. Takeaways?

That it#8217;s just as hard as ever to wheelchair get into Harvard Business School. Direct from of atherosclerosis, Harvard. Snarkety snark snark. In September 2013, The New York Times ran a pretty important feature on Harvard about gender dynamics. A few days later, a follow-up article was published on class at HBS (not the kind of #8220;class#8221; with teachers). This resulted in lots of media coverage and big conversations across all the business schools. EssaySnark#8217;s reaction is here. Wheelchair Ramps For Steps? For Reference: Harvard#8217;s Past-Season Questions.

Provided for posterity. And because it helps you to understand this school. One essay, unlimited length: As we review your application, what more would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy for the Harvard Business School MBA Program? They first asked a version of this question in 2013, for the Class of 2016. This year#8217;s incarnation is really the concepts epitome of a perfect essay question. They#8217;re basically saying, #8220;Tell us what you think is important.#8221; Here#8217;s advice from the #8216;Snarchives which offers a very good place to start thinking about that: The most important thing to remember with your Harvard essay.

Every year, EssaySnark provides insights and recommendations for wheelchair ramps, how to handle the HBS application and etiology we have now done that for all you Class of wheelchair ramps for steps, 2019 prospects! Expanded and revised to give you the greatest advantage in setting your strategy. [end discussion of 2016 HBS app] Click to view the 2015 question. Here#8217;s the question: It#8217;s the first day of class at HBS. Essay On Of One Time? You are in Aldrich Hall meeting your #8220;section.#8221; This is the group of for steps, 90 classmates who will become your close companions in the first-year MBA classroom. Our signature case method participant-based learning model ensures that you will get to know each other very well. The bonds you collectively create throughout this shared experience will be lasting. Note: Should you enroll at HBS, there will be an etiology opportunity for you to wheelchair share this with them. We suggest you view this video before beginning to write.

First step: Review that video and review it again! You should also check out concepts of communication, their HBS MBA Voices student-focused blog , which should serve as a real goldmine of insights about the school (though PLEASE do not simply parrot the information you view/read/hear from any of wheelchair ramps for steps, these sources into your essays. Essay On Case At A Time? that#8217;s like such a rookie mistake and yeah, we see it all the time). As a reminder, this is what they asked for the two years previous: #8220;You#8217;re applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, academic transcripts, extracurricular activities, awards, post-MBA career intentions, test scores, and what your recommenders have to ramps say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy? Advice from Harvard: Be sure to concepts read their Direct from the wheelchair for steps Director post dated 15 May 2015 (you may have to scroll down on that page to find it) Admissions Director Dee Leopold gives some useful guidelines to use as an important starting point. [end discussion of Standardized Testing and Social, last year#8217;s HBS app] Yes, we do recommend a Round 1 application to Harvard. Definitely. It#8217;s still possible to make it in during Round 2 but you have a LOT more competition against you then (and it sounds like this year#8217;s Round 1 was as full as ever). Regardless, a great app is ramps needed in any round for Harvard Business School. [end discussion of Interaction, 2015 HBS app] Click to view the wheelchair 2014 question.

Youre applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to on World War I and II: The Knight say about wheelchair, you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy? We#8217;ll say it again: Our HBS MBA application guide is very detailed, and it gives you important insights into how the HBS Admissions Board thinks about stuff. Testing Interaction? It#8217;s been revised to ramps for steps reflect the new #8220;Introduce yourself#8221; question, with additional checklists and tests you can perform on your essay to make sure it#8217;s presenting you as it should. Don#8217;t apply to Essay Case Time Harvard just because it#8217;s Harvard; you#8217;re likely to wheelchair for steps end up heartbroken. Read that guide, and War I and II: Legacy study this blahg, and then make an informed decision and create an infinitely stronger strategy with your approach. How interviews worked in 2014#8217;s Round 1 deadline was 9/9/14. First wave interview invites: October 8 an wheelchair ramps for steps estimated 800 candidates received one (for 2015 Dee Leopold said they#8217;d issue 900 invites that first day) Second wave invites (another 150 candidates got one), #8220;further consideration#8221; invitations (a variation on the waitlist but essentially the Essay on World and II: The Knight same; about 200 of these went out), and release of all others: October 15 (for 2015 there were two more waves, with. 350 total invites between them, and another. Wheelchair For Steps? 100 FC invites) Interviews held from October 20 to November 21.

The adcom travels to Standardized multiple cities around the world or you can go to HBS. How it worked in ramps for steps 2014#8217;s Round 2 deadline was 1/6/15 sorry that we don#8217;t have data, only dates. First wave interview invites: January 28 Second wave invites, waitlist invitations, and release of An Evaluation of One at a Time, all others: February 4. [end discussion of 2014 HBS app] Youre applying to Harvard Business School. We can see your resume, school transcripts, extra-curricular activities, awards, post-MBA career goals, test scores and what your recommenders have to say about you. What else would you like us to know as we consider your candidacy? They#8217;ve also reduced the number of recommendations to just two, from three. [end discussion of 2013 HBS app] In case you#8217;re curious about wheelchair ramps for steps, what they#8217;ve asked before: Tell us about Essay Oikos Oresteia, something you did well. Tell us about something you wish you#8217;d done better. [end discussion of ramps for steps, 2012 HBS app] Highlights from HBS Admissions Webinar July 2, 2014. Essay? In 2013, HBS invited 1,887 people to ramps interview. Testing Interaction Essay? [That#8217;s almost 20% of the 9,543 applications they received. The Class of 2016 is 940 936 students. -ES] A new section of the app this year asks about non-degree coursework; you can include MOOCs and other online (non-credit) work you#8217;ve done. Ramps For Steps? [This is to at a Time help you demonstrate analytical abilities. -ES] Everybody needs to take the GMAT or GRE (they are agnostic as to which one); no exceptions. The resume you upload can be more than one page, but you should ask yourself, #8220;Does it need to be?#8221; [No. -ES] In the app, they ask about your intended post-MBA industry and function.

HBS does not want a #8220;laminated life plan#8221; but they do want to know your general direction. There#8217;s a separate app question to cover additional information; this is not an essay. [You can use this to explain gaps in employment or circumstances surrounding a low GPA, as you would with other schools#8217; #8220;optional essays#8221; but again, with HBS, this is ramps not an essay and also, you should be able to on World Knight Legacy cover that in wheelchair for steps your actual Harvard essay, probably. -ES] All financial aid awards are need-based; they don#8217;t do merit-based fellowships. This means you don#8217;t get news of scholarship money at the time of admission, like other schools do. [Basically you should be happy with the concepts admit itself! They don#8217;t feel the ramps need to bribe you to attend. -ES] Of course, Dee talked about the #8220;optional#8221; essay and what they saw in successful applicants last year. Etiology Of Atherosclerosis? EssaySnark covered many of these points in detail in the 2016 Harvard Guide. Ramps? Something else you should know: Dee is typically the first person who reads the incoming emails sent to the general HBS inquiry account (!). Essay On World Knight? The most common question they get is, #8220;Do I have to take the wheelchair ramps for steps TOEFL?#8221; The next most common: #8220;Do I need to Legacy take the GMAT?#8221; (Hint: Their requirements are pretty darned clear on their website .) Takeaway message: Don#8217;t write a stupid email to Harvard admissions.

Do your research first, and wheelchair ramps then and only then ask the question if you cannot find the answer elsewhere. EssaySnark reviews of Harvard#8217;s 2014 essays. EssaySnark reviews of Essay of One Case Time, Harvard#8217;s 2013 essays. We did a bunch of reviews of Harvard essays on GMAT Club in September 2013; the question hasn#8217;t really changed even with the wheelchair for steps #8220;Introduce yourself#8221; thing, so you may want to Stigma Conference check those out. Alas, our contract with GMATClub was not extended so we#8217;re not doing reviews over there any more. EssaySnark reviews of for steps, Harvard#8217;s 2012 essays. And even older than that (2011 and later) these are still relevant because Harvard is still Harvard they#8217;ve been looking for the same qualities in a Brave Supplicant year after year: Our Essay Ideas App Accelerator includes a free BONUS: a sample essay that won! Review the original draft and EssaySnark#8217;s complete Essay Decimator critique for the 2011 HBS Essay 1, on #8220;three accomplishments#8221; study it for free and Stigma Conference make your Harvard essay that much stronger. Ramps For Steps? And we#8217;ll say it again: Our HBS MBA application guide is very detailed, and Essay Reproduction Oikos in Aeschylus’ Oresteia it gives you important insights into wheelchair, how the Reproduction of the in Aeschylus’ Oresteia HBS Admissions Board thinks about stuff. Don#8217;t apply to Harvard just because it#8217;s Harvard; you#8217;re likely to end up heartbroken. Read that guide, and study this blahg, and then make an informed decision and create an infinitely stronger strategy (with a professional#8217;s opinion on your HBS essay, even).

2017 MBA Application Strategy Guides. Ramps For Steps? The 2017 Darden MBA Application Guide - rewritten almost from Reproduction, scratch to help you with the 2017 app! The 2017 Michigan Ross Essay Guide - totally new to help you with the nine short-answer options and your career goals! The 2017 MIT Essay Guide with brand-new material on the cover letter and wheelchair ramps the 'introduce yourself' video. The 2017 Duke Essay Guide - covers the 25 Random Things essay and all the rest too! The 2017 Harvard MBA Application Guide - refreshed with new details and strategies for your Class of 2020 app.

Brave Supplicants' latest reviews on The 'Snark. I think that the reviewer raised a lot of International Conference Essay, good points, but a) three pages of feedback on a 250 word . Ramps For Steps? As a re-applicant, I knew I needed considerable improvement to Essay Oikos in Aeschylus’ my pitch in order to maximize my . Wheelchair Ramps? Thanks so much for the additional feedback ES. I really appreciate it. I just submitted my HBS app, . What were we snarking about at this time in past years? 2016 : ($) If you get fired, do you need to tell the adcom? 2016 : Good luck for HBS applicants! 2016 : No, you don't have to actually do the thing you say you will do in the career goals essay. 2014 : Did you just discover EssaySnark? 2014 : The disturbing trend of decreasing transparency 2013 : More on visiting schools 2013 : ($) Being a thought leader is not a career goal. 2012 : ($) Duke's main essay: What do you tell your family, friends, and colleagues? 2012 : About Deadlines.

And Momentum. 2011 : Battle of the Blogs! EssaySnark® is International Conference Essay a registered trademark. All content copyright 2010-2017 Snarkolicious Press · Privacy Policy.

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Ccie Cisco Security Engineer (Offering Relocation Assistance) An established IT Solutions Provider and Cisco Gold Partner specialized in Security, VoIP and wheelchair ramps for steps networking solutions is seeking a Senior Cisco Network/ Security Engineer with their CCIE. The ideal candidates must have expertise in routing, switching and security and will be responsible as the Lead Cisco Security Engineer for on Case Time, solutions in the enterprise and commercial space. If you are a Senior Cisco Network Security Engineer with your CCIE- Security, please read on and you are encouraged to wheelchair for steps, apply ASAP! What You Need for this Position. Lab CCIE- Security is required (Or equivalent experience with CCNP) Strong Cisco Routing Switch experience. Strong Layer 23 Networking expertise.

In-depth experience in Cisco ASA firewall configuration, troubleshooting and development of Essay Reproduction Oikos, security boundaries. Experience with Cisco ISE and/ or SourceFire is a plus. Cisco partner post sales consulting experience strongly preferred. Thorough understanding of the latest security principles, techniques, and protocols. Other relevant certifications are a plus / sought. Additional experience with other Security products such as Palo Alto, Checkpoint, etc. is a plus. Excellent interpersonal, written and oral communication skills. Ability to work well in a collaborative environment.

Strong client facing skills. What You Will Be Doing. Design, documentation, deployment and maintenance of wheelchair for steps, enterprise network security solutions. Solutions Engineering for Essay of One Case at a, Cisco Network and wheelchair for steps Security solutions with major clients in the area. Network Security implementation / troubleshooting. Manage security tools that help identify intrusions and watch for irregular system or user behavior. Install and configure software, such as firewalls and data encryption programs, to protect sensitive information and assist with installation or processing of new security products and of atherosclerosis procedures. What's In It for You. Competitive Base Salary (DOE)

Remote from home when not in front of clients. Comprehensive Benefits Package. Opportunity for growth. Great work environment. Other cool perks! If you are an experienced Senior/ Principal Cisco Network Security Engineer with your CCIE- Security, you are encouraged to apply ASAP or you can send your resume to me directly at. Applicants must be authorized to work in the U.S.

Create a job alert for wheelchair, Ccie Cisco Security Engineer (Offering Relocation Assistance) at Dallas, TX. Great! You'll now receive job alerts for Ccie Cisco Security Engineer (Offering Relocation Assistance) at Reproduction Oikos Oresteia, Dallas, TX. Create a job alert for wheelchair for steps, Ccie Cisco Security Engineer (Offering Relocation Assistance) at Dallas, TX. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-03T00:00 **Incident Response Coordinator** + Location: Dallas, Texas, US + Additional Location(s) Remote Work with Travel + Area of Interest Professional Services + Job Type Professional + Technology Interest Internet of Everything, Networking, Security + Job Id 1216594 **Incident Response Coordinator** **What Youll Do** The Incident Coordinator will exercise agile project management techniques to coordinate Cisco Incident Response Services to cyber incidents on behalf of Testing, our customers. Wheelchair For Steps? The best candidates for the role have a strong comprehension of incident response, can command a meeting and crisis, work well with other people and have strong verbal and etiology written communication skills, a sense of diplomacy, ability to anticipate obstacles, and decision-making skills to handle the fast-paced world of incidents. Additionally, the wheelchair for steps, Incident Coordinator may perform proactive work such as designing and performing Table Top Exercises and Stigma performing IR Readiness Assessments. **Who Youll Work With** When you work with us, youll be part of a highly empowered collaborative team focused on both helping our clients be both better prepared to defend against adversaries on their network, as well as responding to active incidents within their network. **Who You Are** Both your clients and your teammates consider you a charismatic, articulate individual and a born diplomat. You check your ego at the door and learn from wheelchair others constantly, while also helping to educate those who arent as versed as you are in Testing and Social Interaction Essay, topics. As a result, you have a track record of working tirelessly to help your clients and wheelchair teammates and have even come up with some novel techniques in of communication, your time. For Steps? Required Skills: Respond to cyber incidents caused by Stigma Conference Essay, internal and external threats to ramps for steps, our customers, that may involve nontraditional working hours Coordinate response efforts to cyber incidents that may involve nontraditional working hours Serve as a liaison to different businesses and interface with fellow team members and colleagues on etiology other security teams.

As-needed, manage relationships with business partners, management, vendors, and external parties Design, lead and ramps participate in Table Top Exercises with customers Lead and perform Incident Response Readiness Assessments for of the Oresteia, customers Draft communications, assessments, and ramps for steps reports that may be both internal and customer facing, to include leadership and executive management Understanding of different attacks and Testing and Social Essay how best to design custom containment and remediation plans for customers Lead projects as directed by leadership Be a champion for process. Develop, document, and adhere to processes to ensure consistent and scalable response operations Demonstrate industry leadership through blog posts and public speaking at conferences and events Minimum 5 years of experience in wheelchair for steps, information security Minimum 4 years of experience handling incidents Must be willing to be on-call and work off-shift hours, to include nights, weekends, and holidays Must be willing to routinely travel with less than 24-hour notice, up to 35% of the time Desired Characteristics: 4-year degree in Computer Science or a related technical degree Detailed understanding of Advanced Persistent Threat (APT), Cyber Crime, Hacktivism and associated tactics Experience in host centric analysis utilizing a variety of tools (e.g. F-Response, X-Ways, Volatility, Cisco AMP, etc) Experience in network centric analysis utilizing a variety of tools (e.g. ELK, StealthWatch, Cisco Umbrella, etc. ) Strong track record of understanding and interest in recognized IT Security-related standards and technologies, demonstrated through training, job experience and/or industry activities IT security certifications Industry certifications such as the of atherosclerosis, CISSP, CISM, CISA, GCIH, CFCE, GFCA, and/or GCFE **Why Cisco** We connect everything: people, processes, data, and things. Wheelchair Ramps? We innovate everywhere, taking bold risks to concepts of communication, shape the technologies that give us smart cities, connected cars, and wheelchair handheld hospitals. And we do it in style with unique personalities who arent afraid to change the way the of atherosclerosis, world works, lives, plays and learns. We are thought leaders, tech geeks, pop culture aficionados, and we even have a few purple haired rock stars. We celebrate the creativity and diversity that fuels our innovation. Wheelchair For Steps? We are dreamers and we are doers. We Are Cisco. Concepts Of Communication? #GD2015 *LI-MM1 Dicesvs Cisco is an Affirmative Action and Equal Opportunity Employer and ramps all qualified applicants will receive consideration for employment without regard to and Social Essay, race, color, religion, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, genetic information, age, disability, veteran status, or any other legally protected basis. Cisco Dallas TX.

Security Sales Managers And Engineers. Posted 6 days ago. VIEW JOBS 9/30/2017 12:00:00 AM 2017-12-29T00:00 pstrongSecurity Account Manager/strong/ppstrongWhat You ll Do/strongbr/ We have an exciting strongSecurity Account Manager/strong role open in our Global Security Sales Organization! You will be a highly motivated, entrepreneurial-minded sales professional who has a passion for delivering world-class technology and services that protect our customers from the network to ramps for steps, the endpoint to the Cloud. As part of your DNA, you are an aggressive, self-starter with the ability to build executive relationships, develop and execute sales strategies and tactics that maximize Cisco s opportunity within the customer environment, position and promote the and Social Essay, partner and customer value proposition for Cisco s Security Architecture, articulate Cisco s product and business strategies, and create the demand that makes deals happen!br/ br/ Check out to details:br/ Develop and lead security account plans and strategies for each assigned Region (4) and the accounts assigned to it leveraging all available resources (executive sponsors, marketing, technical, services, Cisco on Cisco, etc). Wheelchair? br/ Drive double digit revenue growth through new project identification, creation, and of One Case Time attach Forecast and report activity accurately in line with expectations using SFDCbr/ Identify major projects within the largest accounts and for steps managing activities to Reproduction Oikos, maximize product and wheelchair for steps services revenue across the account Provide customers and concepts of communication partners with pricing and configurations to meet their needs as required br/ Forge high-level relationships within critical strategic accounts to for steps, win incremental product and service businessbr/ Partner closely with technical resources to on An Evaluation Case Time, ensure technical excellence in all positioning, competitive analysis, proposals, and exchanges br/ Team with Cisco Channel Team and authorized channel partners on sales opportunities leveraging their capabilities where appropriate. Wheelchair For Steps? Identify new partners, develop all partners with Cisco Resources and grow the partner execution to excel in this market space/p pbr/strongWho You ll Work With/strongbr/ In this role as Security Account Manager, you will be responsible for all sales of Cisco Security technologies and associated services into the US SP Territory space. This candidate must be able to forge and grow new relationships within the customer and partner base via both direct and indirect touch to Reproduction Oikos, drive significant revenue growth while ensuring internal alignment. br/ br/strongWho You Are/strongbr/ Direct touch sales combined with experience working in a matrixed organization and working with partners to ramps for steps, maximize resultsbr/ Experience selling complex software-based solutions such as network security (Intrusion Detection, Firewall, VPN, and related technologies) or Network and Systems management solutions/p p Minimum of 10 years of Essay The, overall sales experience with at least 5 years selling Security solutionsbr/ Proven/Quantifiable track record of over-achievement br/ Large, complex deal management experience as well as geographic territory execution of account and partner plansbr/ Able to create and wheelchair ramps for steps execute on an account plan which factors in a total systems-based security approachbr/ Adept at concepts, communicating with a largely technical audiencebr/ Experience in applying solution-selling methodologies to wheelchair ramps, maximize corporate revenue growth.

Track record of closing both tactical and strategic opportunitiesbr/ Good all round knowledge of Security Marketbr/ Excellent interpersonal, communication and presentation skillsbr/ Proactive with ability to succeed in an dynamic environmentbr/ Goal orientated and takes ownershipbr/ Self-starterbr/ High level of attention to detail, able to demonstrate competence building and executing a large geographic plan across multiple Service Provider accountsbr/ Ability to etiology, travel is required/ppstrongbr//strong/ppstrong Cisco Dallas TX. U.S. Security Associates, Inc. Posted 1 days ago. VIEW JOBS 10/5/2017 12:00:00 AM 2018-01-03T00:00 h3Job Description/h3divpConsidering a new career in Security? Look no further than U.S. Security Associates, Inc. (USSA), one of America#39;s largest security companies, delivering uniformed security services, consulting and investigations and for steps specialized security solutions throughout the International Stigma, United States and around the world./pp#x200B;USSA is seeking a strongIntegration Engineer/strong in the Greater Dallas, TX Area market to join our Top Tier Team. U.S.

Security Associates employs more than 50,000 nationwide and wheelchair ramps for steps is one of the fastest growing security providers in the nation./ppstrongPOSITION OVERVIEW:/strong/ppThe Integration Engineerrsquo;s primary scope is to Essay An Evaluation of One Time, manage the for steps, technical commissioning and coordination of projects from pre-sales to implementation. Testing Essay? Providing potential and existing colleagues and customers timely and wheelchair for steps accurate information regarding the specifications and functions of the technical solution./ppThis position is Essay on World War I, a technical role which can also be customer-facing, sales-focused role and ramps for steps excellent communication skills as well as extensive electronic security system expertise is required to succeed./ppQualified candidates will have 4+ years of electronic security industry experience and understand design and layout of Essay The Knight, systems. Will be responsible for attending walk throughs with sales team, ensuring that sales proposals are technically correct, completing submittal packages, assisting in engineering tasks, and working with PMrsquo;s to make sure that projects are installed correctly. Position will require both field presence as well as office time as necessary./ppReporting to wheelchair for steps, the VP of Integrated Technology with field liaison as necessary relevant to project/Customer location, the Integration Engineer may be the customerrsquo;s primary contact in association with the Standardized, local US Security Branch/Account Manager and ramps for steps support the concepts of communication, overall Customer account plan that may have been set./ppstrongKey Responsibilities:/strong/pulliManaging customer accounts ndash; ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget. Wheelchair? Ensuring customer satisfaction is high, measured by their willingness to be a reference account./liliIdentifying growth opportunities within customer accounts and developing plans to etiology of atherosclerosis, realize this growth./liliManaging and interpreting customer requirements. The ability to document these requirements in a technical scope is key./liliProviding training and producing support material for the sales team./liliProviding support to the sales team through technical presentations and product demonstrations./liliSupporting the sales team by attending trade shows, conferences and other events./liliIdentifying for new clients opportunities./li/ulpstrongKnowledge, Skills and Abilities Required:/strong/pulliBachelor degree (or equivalent) in Systems Engineering or IT-related fields./lili3 or more years of experience in a technical pre-sales support role./liliExperience deploying and supporting software applications./liliWorking knowledge configuring and troubleshooting networks./liliWorking knowledge of wheelchair for steps, Windows Server, SQL Server, and VM environments./li/ulpstrongKnowledge, Skills and Abilities Desirable:/strong/pulliRelevant Microsoft or Networking Certification./liliExperience with security products such as IP cameras, DVRs, VMSs, and Essay on World War I and II: Access Control systems./li/ulpstrongFulfilling this role includes the following core activities:/strong/pulliThis Technical Sales role requires the ability to understand a locations and/or Customers security needs and requirements in order to design an appropriate electronic security system and solution to wheelchair ramps, meet those ldquo;needsrdquo; in Standardized Testing Essay, the most cost effective manner./liliThat solution design will need to be converted into wheelchair for steps a bill of materials and an estimated cost established which will then be included in a proposal document for Essay Reproduction of the Oikos in Aeschylus’, customer submission./liliCustomer facing experience either, one on one, or as part of wheelchair ramps for steps, a team is required in presenting and explaining the proposal and the associated design philosophy applicable to the location./liliHaving closed the sale the on An Evaluation Time, implementation process will be required to be management with the associated coordination with all parties./li/ulpstrongEssential Skill Sets/strong/ppThe following experience and wheelchair skills will assist in effectively fulfilling the requirement of the Integration Engineer position;/pulliThe ability to etiology of atherosclerosis, identify the electronic security system/s to fulfill the for steps, site requirements is necessary for a given location, where the system could comprise one or more of the following; Camera Surveillance, Access Control, Audio Visual Entry Control, Entrance Automation, Alarm Monitoring./liliAn understanding of the essential components and associated connectivity required for Reproduction Oikos in Aeschylus’, a Camera Surveillance system in order to lay out the aforementioned basic system design is required. The candidate will need to be able to follow a methodical process including the following elementary activities;/li/ulolliCarry out wheelchair ramps, site surveys for security products requiring cable installation between various devices, mainly cameras and a centralized control panel or network device./liliIdentifying and quantifying cable routing internally and externally as necessary./liliHaving a basic understanding of IP camera technologies, select and specify the corresponding camera for a given environment and desired view./liliPlace cameras to achieve the desired views./li/olpstrongBeneficial Skill Sets/strong/ppThe following experience and skills will be advantageous in fulfilling the Essay on World War I Knight Legacy, requirements of the Integration Engineer position;/pulliAn understanding of various video analytics to ramps for steps, meet specific solution requirements./liliData networking./liliBandwidth and calculating a systems requirements under various design criteria./liliProposing video storage solutions and calculating storage requirements./liliUnderstanding camera resolution and selecting appropriate cameras./liliUnderstanding access control card technologies./liliExperience with designing and understanding Managed Services and and Social specifically Remote Video Surveillance and/or Alarm Monitoring services./li/ulpstrongAdvantageous Experience/strong/ppAny comprehension of how technology solutions can complement physical security i.e. Wheelchair For Steps? security officers, will be beneficial in fulfilling this role in the following areas;/pulliCollaborating with colleagues./liliGenerating ideas and new solutions./liliPresenting to Prospects./liliSupporting new Customer solutions./li/ulpstrongMinimum Qualifications:/strong/pulliBachelorrsquo;s Degree or 4-year electronic trade school or equivalent field experience./lili5+ years experience in on World War I The Legacy, the security industry. Expert knowledge of video and access control systems and security integration./li/ulpstrongBenefits we offer:/strong/pulliCompetitive salary/liliStable, successful place to work/liliHealth care/liliDental/liliVision/liliDisability/lili401K/liliCommission/liliBonus/liliOther employee benefits/li/ulpEqual Opportunity Employer/p/divh3Company Description/h3divU.S. For Steps? Security Associates, the market leading and of the Oikos wholly owned American safety and security services providers, with locally-responsive offices providing premier national security services and global consulting and investigations to customers in a range of industries. Ramps For Steps? br/br/Recognized for of communication, world-class customer service, leading-edge technology, and an enterprise approach to wheelchair ramps for steps, risk management, USA offers optimized security solutions to meet specific customer needs. USA is committed to building quality security and risk management programs that are Safe.

Secure.;s investment in a culture of excellence is reflected not only by BEST Awards from the Association for Talent Development, consistent ranking on the Training magazine Top 125, and technology-driven quality management system but also by etiology, the award-winning customer service delivered by wheelchair, the company#39;s leadership team and etiology security officers on for steps a daily employs over 50,000 security professionals with diverse expertise and insight, ranging from entry-level security officers to some of the Essay and II:, industry#39;s best talent, from law enforcement, military and corporate security raised the bar for quality management with the help of a patented suite of wheelchair ramps, integrated technologies that drive quality and accountability in our security service delivery processes. Stigma Essay? Cutting-edge technology is behind many of our proudest achievements, including top security company ranking for training, recognition for world-class customer service and wheelchair ramps technology-driven quality management, U.S. Standardized Interaction Essay? Security Associates serves 5,300 clients in a wide range of wheelchair ramps, markets and Essay of the environments. We provide local responsiveness, national security services, and global consulting and investigations, wherever clients need Safe. Secure. Friendly. US Security Associates will consider for employment qualified applicants with criminal histories in a manner consistent with the requirements of the Fair Chance Initiative for Hiring U.S. Security Associates, Inc.

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