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Nov 17, 2017 Different environments,

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Atlantis: The Lost City, Culture, and Continent Essays. The text of Plato tells a story of different a story being told. Speak Evans! It starts by Critias recalling the day of the Apaturia, “which is called the Registration of environments Youth,” (Plato 205) when the little boys were to recite old poems in order to receive presents from their parents. Essay Ruling! On that day, he chose to recite one of Solon’s poems. Different! Critias, himself, heard the genre music, story from the different, ninety year old man, Solon, who received the tale from an Egyptian priest. Games Essay! Critias stated that, Now Solon – as indeed he often says himself in his poems – was a relative and different very dear friend of our great-grandfather Dropides; and Dropides told our grandfather Critias – as the old man himself, in turn, related to us – that the definition music, exploits of this city in different, olden days the the effect of music on the brain, record of which had perished through time and environments the destruction of its inhabitants (Plato 216). Letter! Critias continues by environments evoking what the priest said to Solon. The priest expresses that “You Hellenes are never anything but children, and there is not an old man among you” (Plato 206). He was referring to the fact that the Hellenes, or Greeks, are destroyed by natural disasters too often for speak andy evans, old men to different environments, be amongst them. This intrigues Solon and definition music he asks for more information about environments these previous lost generations and their world, leading to the great old story of Essay about Ruling the Country Atlantis being told. Different Environments! (Plato 206)

Is the chronicle of Atlantis even possible? There are many counts of Atlantis, a Lost Continent Essay examples. Music! At last the existence of different a large continent in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean could be read in many ways and so Atlantis can become Antarctica or the evans, American continent. Regarding the culture of different Atlantis we know their customs from fashion, Plato but we could suppose there is more than what Plato wrote. But it is different environments writing by games in malaysia essay Plato, and although he is old, he didn't life in the time Atlantis was supposed to excist. Great Civilazations Related art with Atlantis Anyway great civilisations as He carved the rings with the ease and different environments skill of a god. He made hot and speak movie andy evans cold springs come from the environments, earth. With the development of a future city his descendants never lacked for water. Cleito bore Poseidon ten sons, five sets of boys. Atlas the first son of the first set of twins, was made king over the vast territory by traditional his father.

His brothers were appointed princes and each ruled over different, a large section of the territory which was distributed to lincoln to greeley, him. Different! The most valuable section of the kingdom remained The most valuable section of the kingdom remained his mother's home on Essay Ruling the hilltop and different the land surrounding it. This was given to flappers fashion, Atlas. Atlas himself had many sons with the environments, succession of the in malaysia essay, throne always passing to different environments, the eldest son. For generations Atlantis remained peaceful and prospered. Almost all of the population's needs were met from the island's mines, fields and forests. Anything which the kingdom did not produce was imported. This was possible because a channel was eventually built which transversed Essay on The Lost Inca Indian Culture. to on the brain, understand, (Markham, 97). There was a great temple in different, Cuzco dedicated to Viracocha where he is examples depicted on an oval piece of gold as resting higher than the sun and moon.

The sun was considered by some to be the second most important god in different environments, the culture, but its powers of letter heat and different environments movement across the sky are the work of Viracocha. It is thought by some that only the higher intellects of the Incas actually recognized an almighty creator. They were better trained for fashion, thought and reflection than Atlantis: A Lesson That#x27;s Twisted or Could It Have Existed? Essay. Atlantis was considerably wealthy, with abundant gold statues (The Lost Continent of Atlantis), Ivory, and Orchalcum (Braymer 16), a precious yellow metal that was once considered second in environments, value only to gold (Frimmer 130), to show off its riches. It was a virtual paradise, with large harbors for trade, hot and cold springs, public baths, a racecourse which made a full circuit of the outer ring of land (Braymer 17), abundant harvests, and genre definition music extremely large armies and environments a powerful navy (Frimmer Essay on Atlantis Intrigues a Teen.

Plato much believed that the civilization of Atlantis existed (Writer873). The origins of Atlantis are written in Plato’s “Critias” and definition music “Timaeus” (Plato). Written around 350s B.C., the main character Solon, travels to Egypt and different environments learns of traditional essay Atlantis by different environments priests (Writer873). He claimed his dialogues to be true records (Atlantis Subplots). Timaeus explains Atlantis was the The Industry Ruling the Country, “island situated in front of the straits, which are by you called Pillars of Herakles; the island was larger than Libya and different Asia put Essay on Francis Bacon#x27;s New Atlantis. creating a regime permanently pleasant.

Bensalem, meaning perfect son in Hebrew, has shunned the misfortunes of speak movie andy evans time, vice and different decay. Bensalem seems to combine the on the, blessedness of environments Jerusalem and the pleasures and speak movie andy conveniences of Babylon. In Bacon's NEW ATLANTIS, the need for environments, man to be driven does not exist. Scarcity is eliminated thereby eliminating the movie evans, need for money. But thus, you see, we maintain a trade, not for gold, silver or jewels. Different Environments! nor for industry examples, any other commodity of different environments matter, but only for God's first The Need for Development in of music on the, the African Continent Essay. Why Is There a Need for Development In Africa?

Since the dawn of the different, colonial era, the definition music, African continent has experienced numerous hardships on different the pathway to economic and human development. High levels of poverty, disease, and Essay The Industry Ruling inequality coupled with low levels of human development, education, and different infrastructure has long gripped the continent and has stifled growth efforts (Gorton). In America Essay! An example of this extreme poverty lies in the African country of Uganda, where nearly 80% of different environments its citizens could not Critique of A Biography of the Continent Africa by John Reader. and Egypt with the sub-Saharan region in the first century. Ethiopia was the Essay Ruling, first indigenous state of the different environments, sub-Saharan, and traded over the Red Sea. Fashion! Aksum was the first prominent city-state. The traffic of gold began by Arabs on different the East African coast set up a troublesome dynamic to the effect of music brain, the region. Environments! For most of the continent disease and sickness spreads quickly and has been a chief reason for the lack of major urbanization in the effect on the brain, Africa.

In the early years, farming in Africa had a substantial demand; the THE LOST SHEEP, LOST COIN AND LOST SON Essay. And another is to understand a parable like an old story about the environments, God helping the people mentally or something like that. Genre Definition! When you are reading the parable about different The Lost Coin for the first time, the meaning of it might look like that to brain, you. The woman had 10 coins and different environments she lost one them she tried to Industrialization in America Essay, find it really hard, she spend a lot of time searching for it with the lamp and when she finally found the coin she was so happy. Different! She is so poor and god helped her to find it. “God is lincoln letter to greeley a good person because

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Different environments

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Nov 17, 2017 Different environments,

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Frequently Asked Questions About the Criterion ® Online Writing Evaluation Service. Students get a response to different their writing while it is fresh in their minds. They find out immediately how their work compares to a standard and Industrialization, what they should do to improve it. The Criterion service also provides an environment for writing and different environments, revision that students can use independently, 24 hours a day. This environment, coupled with the Industrialization in America opportunity for environments instant feedback, provides the directed writing practice that is so beneficial for students. How many topics are available? The Criterion Online Writing Evaluation Topics Library for K12 Education includes writing prompts for grades 412.

Criterion essay topics are constructed to elicit writing in various modes that include persuasive, expository, descriptive and in malaysia essay, narrative. All prompts are grade level appropriate in vocabulary and appeal to student interests. Each topic may be scored on either a 6-point or 4-point scale and the associated rubrics are shown with each prompt. Currently, there are 61 College Level I topics appropriate for different environments first-year writing courses, practice and placement; 64 College Level II topics appropriate for genre music second-year writing courses and practice; 10 College Preparatory topics; 14 GRE ® test topics; and 35 TOEFL ® test topics. Instructors can also create and assign their own writing prompts for a student assignment. Because instructors can create their own topics, the topic library is endless.

The Criterion service library of different environments, topics contains assignments representing the following writing genres: persuasive, informative, narrative, expository, issue and argumentative. Where do Criterion service topics come from? Criterion topics come from a number of sources, including ETS testing programs such as the Praxis ® tests, the GRE and TOEFL tests, and client programs such as NAEP® and the English Placement Test designed for California State University. Criterion topics have been developed based on representative samples that are mode-specific and that utilize 6-point holistic scales based on widely accepted writing standards. How does the of music on the brain Criterion service handle an unusual writing style?

The Criterion service looks for specific features of syntax, organization and vocabulary. If the essay under consideration is environments, not sufficiently similar to those in its database of already-scored essays, the Essay Criterion service posts a warning, called an Advisory, saying that it is unable to give an environments accurate score. Advisories usually result from essays that are too brief or those in which the flappers fashion vocabulary is unusual or the content is off-topic. Will the use of the Criterion service stifle creative writing among students? Not necessarily. The Criterion service is designed to environments be used for evaluating writing done under testing conditions situations in which even the most creative writers concentrate on fashion playing it safe with straightforward and competent writing.

Will the Criterion service catch cheating or plagiarism? No. Different? The Criterion service simply evaluates the definition music essay. It is up to different environments the institution to ensure that students are working independently and submitting their own work. Instructors can opt to display a writer's sample for some topics on the Create Assignment screen. Students can then view the samples and refer to them while they write their own essays. The sample essays are in a read-only format and cannot be copied and pasted into another document.

What information does the Criterion service report to educators? Educators have easy and secure access to each student's portfolio of essays, diagnostic reports and scores, as well as summary information on the performance of flappers fashion, entire classes. What information does the Criterion service report to students? Typically, students get diagnostic feedback, as well as a holistic evaluation, each time they submit an essay. However, educators can block students from seeing their scores and may choose to do so if they use the different Criterion service for benchmarking. Can instructors limit student feedback? Yes. Instructors can elect to report all, some or none of the feedback analysis. When creating an assignment, instructors turn the score analysis feature on or off, as well as select which diagnostic feedback to genre music report. Can instructors limit access to assignments?

Yes. Instructors can limit access when selecting assignment options. For example, the date and time an assignment is available are selected by instructors during setup. They can also limit how many times a student can write and revise an assignment. Can instructors impose time limits on assignments? Yes. Environments? Many assignments available from the Criterion service library of topics have time limits associated with them. Fashion? When creating the assignment, instructors select whether to impose a time limit, or they can turn off the time limit function to allow unlimited writing and different environments, revision time. How is the Criterion service feedback different from the games in malaysia essay Microsoft Word® Spelling and Grammar tool? The Microsoft Word Spelling and Grammar tool can provide writers with a quick analysis of common errors. Different Environments? However, the Criterion service, as an instructional tool used to improve writing, targets more precise feedback.

Research shows that the traditional games in malaysia essay spelling error detection and correction module in the Criterion service has better precision than the different environments spelling error detection and correction module used in MS Word. We continually strive through research and user input to improve the genre music precision of environments, all our feedback categories. What is the Writer's Handbook? The Writer's Handbook is an flappers intuitive online tool that a student can access while reviewing diagnostic feedback. It explains every error or feature reported by defining it and providing examples of correct and incorrect use. There are five Writer's Handbook versions available: Elementary, Middle Schools, Descriptive, High School/College and ELL. There are also four bilingual versions available: Spanish/English, Simplified Chinese/English, Japanese/English and Korean/English. Using the environments Criterion Service for Remediation, Placement and Assessment. In the vast majority of cases, ETS researchers generally found either exact or adjacent agreement (within one point) between the Criterion service scores and those of a trained essay reader or instructor.

Both used the same scoring guidelines and scoring system. How can the Criterion service be used for writing remediation and in basic skills writing classes? Instructors assign the genre Criterion service standard topics or use their own topics to give students opportunities for additional writing practice. Different Environments? The Criterion service topics library contains a group of writing assignments called College Level Preparatory. Genre Definition Music? These topics are graded against a lower level scoring rubric and different, can be assigned to gradually move incoming freshmen up to traditional essay the first-year writing level. Different Environments? Instructors may assign topics to encourage students to focus on essential problem areas that will improve their writing. The immediate feedback features of the Criterion service provide additional motivation for students to write and revise their essays when writing on their own. How are the Criterion scores used for placement? Students may be assigned to classes on the basis of their scores on a Criterion service-scored essay or the combination of a Criterion service score and other indicators. The electronic score should not be the Industrialization Essay sole basis for different environments a placement decision. It is best to movie evans combine a Criterion score with the score of a human reader in the same way that institutions combine scores from different environments two different human readers.

If the two scores differ by more than one point, a different reader should also evaluate the essay. How is the Criterion service used for assessment purposes? Some institutions use the flappers fashion Criterion service scores for exit testing combining a Criterion service score with the score from a reader in different environments, the same way they combine scores from two different readers. The Effect Of Music? If the two scores differ by more than one point, a different reader also evaluates the environments essay. Some institutions use the Criterion service for traditional games in malaysia benchmark testing, assigning the Criterion service-scored essays at specified points during an academic term. How can the Criterion service be used in a writing lab? When the Criterion service is used in a writing lab, tutors and writing mentors have access to topics, feedback and student portfolios.

They also have a way to communicate with instructors about student progress. Different Environments? Use of the Criterion service in fashion, a writing lab facilitates writing across the curriculum when students use the lab to check in-progress writing for all of their classes. Providing access to an open-ended instructor's topic allows students to write an essay about any subject assigned by any instructor. Different Environments? The interactive features of the Criterion service promote communication between classroom learning and writing lab support. How do students feel about being scored by a machine? Most of today's students have had experience with instant feedback in computer programs and are comfortable with the idea of computerized scoring. Can the Criterion service score essays on other topics? Yes. Using the Scored Instructor Topic feature, teachers can create their own topics that are parallel to the Criterion service library prompts, and the students' essays will receive Criterion scores upon completion. A link in the Criterion service provides step-by-step instructions on how to create either a persuasive or expository topic that can be scored. A Criterion score is an overall score (usually on a 4- or 6-point scale) that is given to an essay.

The Criterion service scoring compares a student's writing to thousands of essays written and evaluated by writing instructors. The essays used to build the scoring models have been scored by trained readers and were written by Essay students under timed-testing conditions. Environments? The writers had no opportunity to revise, use a spell-checker or reflect on what they had written. So when students write on the Criterion service topics in a regular class, working under more relaxed conditions, instructors and students should recognize that students' scores may not precisely compare to those of the samples. The Criterion score is Ruling, a holistic score based on the traits of word choice, convention and fluency/organization. Environments? The Criterion score also takes content relevance into account by analyzing the degree of similarity between prompt-specific vocabulary and that of the response. Does Criterion provide trait scores? Yes. The trait scores are shown as Developing, Proficient and Advanced. These are based on a normative range, where the definition majority (60 percent) of student scores falls. Responses scoring within this range are considered proficient at this grade level.

Responses scoring below this range are considered developing these traits at this grade level. Responses scoring above this range are considered advanced at this grade level. How does the Criterion service come up with its scores? The Criterion service is different, based on genre definition a technology called e-rater ® that was developed by Educational Testing Service. The e-rater scoring engine compares the new essay to samples of essays previously scored by readers, looking for similarities in sentence structure, organization and vocabulary. Essays earning high scores are those with characteristics most similar to the high-scoring essays in different, the sample group; essays earning low scores share characteristics with low-scoring essays in the sample group. What is the technology used in the e-rater scoring?

The e-rater scoring engine is an application of Natural Language Processing (NLP), a field of computer technology that uses computational methods to analyze characteristics of text. The Industry Ruling The Country? Researchers have been using NLP for the past 50 years to translate text from one language to another and to summarize text. Internet search engines currently use NLP to retrieve information. The e-rater scoring engine uses NLP to identify the features of the faculty-scored essays in its sample collection and store them with their associated weights in a database. When e-rater evaluates a new essay, it compares its features to those in the database in order to assign a score. Because the e-rater scoring engine is different environments, not doing any actual reading, the validity of its scoring depends on the scoring of the sample essays from the effect of music on the brain which the different environments e-rater database is created.

Can students trick the Criterion service? Yes. Since the the effect of music brain e-rater engine cannot really understand English, it can be fooled by environments an illogical, but well-written, argument. Educators can discourage students from fashion deliberately trying to fool the Criterion service by announcing that a random sample of essays will be read by independent readers. The Criterion service will also display an Advisory along with the different e-rater score when an essay displays certain characteristics that warrant attention compared to other essays scored against Essay about The Industry Ruling the Country the same topic. Must students be connected to the Internet to use the different environments Criterion service? Students can initially compose their essays offline, using any word-processing application. Industrialization In America Essay? However, they will ultimately need an Internet connection to different environments be able to cut and paste their essays into the Criterion essay submission box so their work can be scored and speak andy evans, analyzed. For assignments that are timed, essays should be composed online only to ensure accountability by all students and to accurately reflect their writing skills in this environment.

Can I import student identifiers from my data management system? Yes. Different Environments? The Criterion service has import capabilities for administrators at several levels. A Criterion Administrator can easily import by using templates provided in the system. Details are provided in definition music, both the different HELP text and the Criterion® User Manual and Administrator Supplement . Can I save my data? Yes. Industrialization Essay? The Criterion service has export features that easily allow users to create export files, and an archive portfolios feature that can be used to create export files in different environments, a comma-delimited format (.csv) that can be opened by most text editors and on the brain, spreadsheet programs. Detailed instructions for both features are provided in the Criterion ® User Manual and Administrator Supplement . Understanding the Analysis of Organization and Development in Student Essays.

There is different, now broad acceptance of Essay, automated essay scoring technology for environments large-scale assessment and classroom instruction. Instructors and educational researchers encourage the development of improved essay evaluation applications that not only generate a numerical rating for an essay, but also analyze grammar, usage, mechanics and discourse structure. In terms of classroom instruction, the goal is to develop applications that give students more opportunity to practice writing on genre definition music their own with automated feedback that helps them revise their work, and different environments, ultimately improve their writing skills. Industrialization Essay? This technology is a helpful supplement to different traditional teacher instruction. Fashion? Specifically, it is more effective for students to receive feedback that refers explicitly to their own writing rather than just general feedback. Different Environments? The Criterion service's capability to analyze organizational elements serves as a critical complement to other tools in the application that provide feedback related to grammar, usage, mechanics and style features in student essays. Which organizational elements are analyzed? This cutting edge, first-of-its-kind technology employs machine learning to identify organizational elements in student essays, including introductory or background material, thesis statements, main ideas, supporting ideas and conclusions. The system makes decisions that exemplify how educators perform this task. For instance, when grading students' essays, educators provide comments on Essay The Industry Ruling the Country the discourse structure.

Instructors may indicate that there is different, no thesis statement, or that the main idea has insufficient support. This kind of feedback from an music instructor helps students reflect on the discourse structure of their writing. How did the system learn how to do the analysis? Trained readers annotate large samples of student essay responses with essay-based organizational elements. The annotation schema reflects the different environments organizational structure of essay-writing genres, such as persuasive writing, which are highly structured. About The Industry Ruling The Country? The increased use of automated essay-scoring technology allows for the collection of a large corpus of students' essay responses that we use for annotation purposes.

How can this analysis help students? As students become more sophisticated writers, they start to think about the organizational structure in their writing. The Criterion service application offers students feedback about environments this aspect of their writing. Students who use the tool can see a comprehensive analysis of the existing organizational elements in genre music, their essays. For instance, if a student writes an essay, and the system feedback indicates that the essay has no conclusion, then the student can begin to work on this new organizational element. This kind of automated feedback is an initial step in students' improvement of the organization and development of different environments, their essays. Ruling The Country? This kind of different, feedback also resembles traditional feedback that a student might receive from a professor. Understanding Organization and Development Feedback. The algorithm developed to traditional games essay automatically identify essay-based organizational elements is based on samples of teacher-annotated essay data. Two readers were trained to annotate essay data with appropriate organizational labels. What is the different environments agreement rate between two readers on definition music the labeling task?

Two readers are in general agreement on all labeling tasks. What is the agreement rate between the system and the reader? The trained reader's assessment is in general agreement with the system. In the vast majority of cases, ETS researchers generally found either exact or adjacent agreement (within one point) between the Criterion service scores and those of a trained essay reader. Both used the same scoring guidelines and scoring system. Does the system label each individual sentence with a corresponding organizational label?

Yes. Sometimes multiple sentences are associated with a single organizational element, and the entire block of text is highlighted and appears to be assigned a single label. In fact, each sentence is labeled individually. Does the environments system label according to sentence position only? No.

Many features, including word usage, rhetorical strategy information, possible sequence of organizational elements and syntactic information are used to determine the final organizational label. The Criterion service is available 24 hours a day and only requires an Internet connection and a web browser, and is PC and Mac®compatible. It can also be used on the iPad®, but an external keyboard is recommended. For a complete description of minimum and of music brain, recommended standards and network configuration suggestions, please refer to the System Requirements Sheet. Where can I find additional information about the Criterion service and the e-rater technology? The research papers on the ETS website are sources of more information about the Criterion service and its underlying technology. If you are interested in ordering, have questions about pricing or would like to speak to a Criterion Specialist, contact us today. Tests and Products. ETS Measuring the Power of Learning. Environments? ®

Copyright 2017 by Educational Testing Service. All rights reserved. All trademarks are property of Ruling, their respective owners.

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Nov 17, 2017 Different environments,

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920 Words Essay on the Choice of a Career. The selection of a career or profession is one of the most important things of environments, life. But it is equally difficult. Genre Definition Music? The lack of guiding services, proper counseling and ever increasing unemployment has further complicated the matter. There is cut-throat competition. Therefore, most of the young men and women in search of suitable jobs are a confused, indecisive and frustrated lot. Different Environments? It has generated a deep sense of frustration and indiscipline among the young people. Flappers? A right choice of a career is fundamental importance. On it does depend one#8217;s success or failure in different life.

A correct choice may lead to happy, prosperous and satisfying career and life. On the other hand, a wrong selection may result in failure, disappointment and the effect brain, sadness in life. The result of prolonged indecision rimy still proves worse. Image Source : Therefore, the problem should be faced and different environments, resolved as early as possible. It is better if one decides at the school stage itself what career one is going to in America Essay, adopt in future. But the different school-going students are quite young, inexperienced and raw to take a right decision. They cannot be the best judge in the matter. What are needed are proper guidance, counseling, advice, vocational training, encouragement and orientation. And parents, teachers, professional guides and counselors should help them.

They can help the students choose right professions and careers, keeping in mind the the effect brain aptitude, talent, skills, resources etc., of each and every student, a prospective professional. This will also go a long way in solving the problem of unemployment and proper development of our human resources. Life has become all the more complex and different environments, competitive. There is a keen struggle and competition in the world of careers and professions. And only the the effect fittest will survive.

After finishing their school and college education or training, the young students are baffled as to which profession to choose. Different? They find themselves groping in the dark. The tough competition and corruption further increase their difficulties. In America? A young man or woman may possess sufficient training, education, orientation and aptitude for a particular job or position and yet he or she may not get it because of various problems. Different Environments? Gone are the days when life was easy, simple, smooth and harmonious, and in the majority of the cases the games in malaysia son followed his ancestral profession or trade, and was trained in the same at home. With the different rapid change in attitudes, situations and progress in science and fashion, technology, things have radically changed. The entry of women in professions and services has further increased the complications. And so, the selection of a right career at a right time has become a very tough job. It needs proper, full and environments, comprehensive consideration. There are professions, careers, trades and jobs in plenty. There are a number of professional and training institutions like It#8217;s., polytechnics, engineering colleges etc., which give training in various trades, skills, professions and jobs, such as medicine, engineering, teaching, business, commerce, banking, computer science, advertising, journalism, government services, positions in armed forces, and on the, scores others.

Then one can begin his own workshop, factory or shop, or choose a career in police, films, commercial art etc. The whole world of careers is yours, but each and environments, every profession requires a special aptitude, training, guidance, education and preparation. One may wish to become a doctor or an engineer, but mere wish is not enough. Wishes, without proper and matching qualifications and deeds, result in frustration and failure. There are many factors that go in making a successful and happy career. Ruling? Besides mental make-up, education, training and skills, the financial resources have also to be taken into consideration.

For example a young man may possess all the training, skills and aptitude for running an industry. But he cannot venture to be an entrepreneur unless he has sufficient financial backing and muscle. In these circumstances, he will have to environments, settle for a less ambitious career. But if he has a strong will power, nothing can prevent him from achieving the goal in the long run. One may start from scratch and end up as a business tycoon. A career should be chosen at the earliest possible stage but with proper and full deliberation. The help and guidance of genre music, teachers, parents, experienced people and professionals should be sought in the matter. I am a XII class student and I am- not required to enter into any profession just now. And yet I have decided about my career and profession. I have thought long and well over the matter with the help and guidance of my parents, teachers, physical training instructor and others well qualified to advise me.

I have decided to become a soldier in our army. I have robust health, strong determination and sense of strict discipline. I like adventures, bold and daring acts. I have an aptitude for a military career. I have almost made it the mission of different environments, my life to serve the country in in malaysia essay the military uniform. Soon I hope to find myself in Defense Academy, Khadakvasla after completion of my education in the Sank school at Belgium and in different environments Quad. My career in armed forces will provide me with a proper opportunity to serve my motherland in the best possible way I can. Fashion? For me the profession of a soldier is the noblest because it is devoted to the defense of the country#8217;s honour and unity. The call to the duty is super most in different environments my mind and I personally feel that this feeling of mine can find best possible expression in defense service only.

Welcome to! Our mission is to provide an andy evans, online platform to help students to discuss anything and different environments, everything about Essay. This website includes study notes, research papers, essays, articles and other allied information submitted by visitors like YOU. Before publishing your Essay on flappers fashion this site, please read the following pages:

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essay copies Copies and different, Forgeries: What Difference Does It Make? If originality is a primary value in the modern art market, then copies, whether had-painted or mechanical reproductions, become problematic. Flappers? Copies would seem to different environments, be bad because they are not unique and speak evans, the more there are of such objects, the less valuable they are. Masterpieces are supposed to be ‘one of a kind’ objects, but artists even great ones - have always copied. They did it in order to learn; they did it for different pleasure and they did it for genre clients who want copies of unavailable works. “Titian, Tintoretto, El Greco and different, Poussin were great copiers”. Rubens imitated Michelangelo, Raphael, Tintoretto, Titian, Veronese and others.

In the 19 th century, Delacroix, Gericault, Manet, Degas and Cezanne spent time copying paintings in the Louvre. Titian’s Bacchania was copied by the effect on the brain, Rubens, Van Dyck and Poussin. His Entombment was copied by Gericault, Delacroix, Fantin- Latour, Cezanne, Chagall and Derain. Some artists have copied their own work. One of the greatest artists of the end of the 18 th century, the French sculptor, Jean-Antoine Houdon, produced more than forty replicas of one bust of Voltaire, sixteen copies of his bust of John Paul Jones and different environments, thirty copies of his bust of Sophie Arnould and had plans to make as many as two hundred copies of a portrait of George Washington.

In some cases, the copies, some in about The Industry the Country, plaster and different, terra cotta, were superior to the originals. According to the art historian, F. Winkler, Van Eyck, the master of Flemalle, Durer , Holbein, Baldung Grien, Mabuse, and Terborch produced exact duplicates of some of their pictures. (Wind) Sometimes, great artists made copies of the work of lesser artists. Rembrandt made a copy of Peter Lastman’s Suzanna and the Elders, perhaps improving on it, but Titian’s copy of Jacob Seisenegger’s full-size portrait of Emperor Charles V and his Ulm Mastif - made to get a job - may or may not be an improvement. How original, and, therefore, how valuable, is a copy by definition music, a great artist of a work by another great artist? In 1525, Andrea del Sarto copied - to environments, order - Raphael’s Leo X with Two Cardinals which was done in 1518-19. Of Music? A contemporary, Giulio Romano, complimented the environments work by saying he couldn’t tell the difference. The art historian, John Shearman, writing in 1965, thought that del Sarto had made changes that were an improvement of the of music on the brain original painting. Pieter Breughel the Younger made his living by making copies of his father’s paintings.

Perhaps 30 copies of the Peasant Dances are known. Different? (Milwaukee Art Museum) For several hundred years, families and tribes of artists supported themselves by making copies of famous paintings and sculptures throughout Europe. By 1760, hundreds of copies made by Essay about The Industry the Country, the numerous followers of several 17 th century masters were circulating throughout Europe, sometimes mistakenly classified as genuine. And of course students have always copied their master’s work. Roman stonecutters made thousands of copies of Greek marble and bronze statues for different cult purposes (different from original Greek cults) as well as decorations for private gardens, bathhouses and fashion, other public buildings when Greek originals became too expensive to import. Different? (Praxeteles’ Knidos Aphrodite had more than 50 replicas, the on the brain Medici Venus-type had 33, and the Capitolium Venus-type had 101 surviving versions. P 97, Fn 20. Radnoti,). Many of these were eventually sold as Greek originals and later became valuable as Roman copies. There are also many Renaissance copies of different antique marble statues.

Most African sculptures we know are copies made for the tourist trade - copies made by Africans. What is original African sculpture, - art made for rituals or tourists? And what is an original Inuit Eskimo sculpture carved by Indians from India if you can’t tell the difference? The Caryatids on flappers, the Erechtheum on the Acropolis in different environments, Athens are copies made out of about concrete and the bronze horses on different environments, the façade of St. Marks in Venice are also copies. Even St Marks itself is a copy of another building (in Constantinople(?) There are also imitations of the caves at Altimira and Lascaux. When Van Gogh made oil paintings from Millet’s drawings he said he “was not so much copying as translating from one language to another.” During the last half-century, this idea became a major, economically successful international style when Pop artists created original art by adopting the styles and genre music, subject matter of popular culture comics, magazine advertising, billboards and photography. Some of different environments these artists even translated reproductions of movie evans fine art painting into Pop styles. Art had finally become its own subject in that images were being made of different images. Jasper Johns made paintings of flags and targets so that the image and what it represented were congruent. Andy Warhol made silkscreen copies of newspaper photographs.

He also painted soup can labels and constructed Brillo Boxes. Lichtenstein made paintings of reproductions of Fine Art paintings as well as popular images in the style of comic strips. Genre Music? Rosenquist made paintings in the style of billboards. Environments? Although Richard Estes worked in the style of photographs, most Photo realists actually copied photographs. Essay About Ruling The Country? Robert Rauchenberg made a painting that included sweeping, spontaneous, ‘expressive’ brushstrokes and drips and then proceeded to copy this painting exactly, including the drips, among other things challenging the abstract expressionist idea of brushstroke and environments, drip as being expressive. The ultimate in copying and imitation as ‘original’ art was initiated by a movement called ‘Appropriationism’. As I mentioned in flappers, a previous paper, in the 1980’s, Mike Bidlo made a copy of Warhol’s Brillo Boxes which was originally a copy of Steve Garvey’s Brillo Box. He also exhibited 40 copies of Picasso paintings, called Not Picasso, and among others, he copied Picasso’s Mademoiselles d’Avignon and Portrait of different Gertrude Stein. He has also made paintings called Not Duchamp, Not Giacometti, Not Leger, Not Matisse, Not O’Keefe, etc. Games Essay? When he made a painting called Not Lichtenstein, Lichtenstein, who also uses other artist’s paintings as subject matter, responded by copying Bidlo’s painting of his painting and environments, called it Not Bidlo. About? Richard Pettibone made copies of Duchamp’s Bottle Rack and Bicycle Wheel, both of which were originally mass-produced objects.

Some artists, like David Salle, merely ‘quote’ from the styles of several other artists in the same paintings. All of these artists signed their own names to environments, these works. Once we demand that artworks be original, we will find that we have a problem with multiple prints, - etchings, engravings, and woodcuts made by individual artists or statues cast from clay or wax models made under the supervision of the artist. Are all such prints and in malaysia essay, statues equally original? Sculptures are cast from molds made by Rodin 100 years ago with his family’s legal permission and environments, sold to speak andy evans, collectors as original Rodins; prints are taken from plates made by Rembrandt 350 years ago. Bronze casts are made of different environments Degas’ clay originals after he died. Definition Music? How original are they? How original are Holbein drawings etched and printed by Lutzelberger or Breughel drawings engraved by Jerome Cock or Pieter Perret?

The use of terms like original, creative and different environments, expressive has had many dire effects on our conception of speak movie andy evans art. Such terms are, or should be, descriptive. Like “rational” and “logical”, they are processes; they describe ways of working. They do not establish the value of the results of such processes. They are not evaluative and should be used judgmentally only in appropriate contexts. Their indiscriminate use has destroyed our sense of quality. Many original, creative and expressive art objects are also failures, second rate and ugly. Environments? Its emphasis in art schools at the expense of craft, knowledge of fashion art, has resulted in the idea that anything goes. Deliberate forgeries create a special problem for different environments the modern art market. On The Brain? Next to prostitution, forgery is probably mankind’s oldest profession. Ever since there has been a market for desired as opposed to necessary - objects, there has been a market for forgeries.

Today, status-seeking, gullible people buy fake Rolex watches and Armani shirts; in the 6 th century BC, Phoenicians bought fake Egyptian pottery supposedly from environments 2000 years before and rich, 2 nd century Romans bought fake 4 th century BC Greek statues as decorations for their gardens. Fashion? While forgery has always accompanied (is a “by-product” of) art collecting, since the Renaissance, with the development of the aura surrounding the environments notion of artist-genius and especially since the 1880’s, with the influx into the art market of “squillionaire” American art collectors, the market for Fine Art forgeries has grown immensely. Although the traditional games in malaysia purpose of such forgeries for different the forger is obviously deception, whether for financial gain or personal gratification, the question is Ruling the Country, asked by many viewers, “If you can’t tell the difference, what difference does it make? What’s wrong with a fake? Tom Hoving, former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, says that fully 40% of the 50,000 objects that he examined during his 15 years as director “were either phonies or so hypocritically restored or so misattributed that they were just the environments same as forgeries”. He maintains that many celebrated objects displayed in major museums around the world are fakes. For example, he considers the games in malaysia essay popular relief on a Greek sarcophagus in the Boston Museum of Fine Art and the Getty’s 6 th Century BC marble Kouros to be bogus.

For many decades, three statues of Etruscan warriors were on exhibit at the Metropolitan until it was discovered that were made in 1918 by the brothers Riccardi and Alfredo Fioravanti. The Metropolitan’s famous ‘Greek’ Horse was first thought to be 7 th Century, BC, then 5 th Century BC, then a 20 th Century fake and is now displayed as a Roman fake of the 1 st Century BC. Possibly even Van Gogh’s, Sunflowers, bought by different environments, the Japanese Yasuda Marine and Fire Insurance Company for Essay over 40 million dollars in environments, 1987, is a forgery. Although the works of many famous 19 th and 20 th century forgers have been exposed (for example, Elmyr de Hory, Davis Stein, John Drew, Aleco Dossena and Eric Hebborn), thousands of “unrecognized or undisclosed” forged Monets, Renoirs, Matisses, Picassos, Giacomettis, Modiglianis, Rodins, Derains, Vlamincks, Dufys and others are still in private and public collections around the world. Anywhere between 15 and traditional games in malaysia essay, 40% of the different environments objects in art museums are estimated to be forgeries. According to the records of the New York Customs office, between 1909 and movie andy evans, 1951, a total of 9,428 works by environments, Rembrandt were imported into the country. A US Customs official said that 27,000 Corots had entered this country since Corot died in 1875. A Corot expert commented that this figure was short by flappers fashion, 10,000.

In 1934, Time magazine wrote that of the 2,000 paintings that Corot had painted, 10,000 were in American collections. It is also said that of the 200 paintings that Van Gogh painted, 500 are in this country. In the 16 th century, Albrecht Durer complained about forgeries of his work. In 1511, on the title page of his series of woodcuts prints, Life of the Virgin, he inscribed, “Be cursed, plunderers and imitators of the work and talent of others. Beware of laying your audacious hand on this artwork!” As the Roman poet and critic, Horace, put it 1500 years before, “He who knows a thousand works of art knows a thousand frauds.”

The fact that experience leads to greater visual discrimination does not mean that art experts, whether professional artists, curators and different environments, critics or discriminating connoisseurs will necessarily see the same thing or agree in their judgments. In so far as experienced, knowledgeable people come from different backgrounds, they are likely to make different assumptions about games in malaysia what is different environments, significant in works of Industrialization in America Essay art. Because they may have come from different environments different times and places and games in malaysia, subject to environments, the taste of their milieu, because they may have studied different works of brain art from different historical periods with different professors and learned different study techniques, it is not surprising that their perceptions are not the same. People who disagree do not just respond differently to different, the same features; they literally see and interpreted them differently. Art historians have been famously wrong in recognizing fakes and forgeries. Traditional? According to different environments, Mark Jones, in speak movie andy, the introduction to a book on an exhibition of fakes at the British Museum, experts make mistakes, not simply “because knowledge and experience can never be complete, but because perception itself is determined by the structure of expectations that underpin it.” What do these experts think they are looking at? What are they looking for? In fact, what are their motives for looking?

Belief and desire can make you see what’s not there as well as not see what is there. The famous Dutch art historian, Abraham Bredius, became infamous after announcing his discovery of a major, historically significant painting by Jan Vermeer, but which was really by the forger, Hans Van Meegeren. At the time, 1937, Bredius was an different environments, old man and half blind. He had spent a good part of his life trying to discover unknown Vermeer paintings from the early period of Vermeer’s life and this ‘discovery’ would be the high point of his career. Here is Essay, Bredius on seeing Van Meegeren’s, Christ at Emmaus, with Vermeer’s forged signature: It is different environments, a wonderful moment in Industrialization in America Essay, the life of a lover of art when he finds himself suddenly confronted with a hitherto unknown painting of environments a great master, untouched, on the original canvas, and without any restoration, just as it left the painter’s studio! And what a picture! . The subject is Christ and the Disciples at Emmaus and the colors are magnificent and characteristic: Christ in a splendid blue; the disciple on the left, whose face is barely visible, in a fine grey; the other disciple on the left in yellow the yellow of the famous Vermeer at Dresden, but subdued so that it remains in perfect harmony with the speak andy evans other colors. The servant is clad in dark brown and dark grey; her expression is wonderful. Different Environments? Expression, indeed, is the in malaysia most marvelous quality of this unique picture.

Outstanding is the head of environments Christ, serene and in malaysia essay, sad, as he thinks of all the suffering which He, the Son of God, had to pass through in His life on different environments, earth, yet full of goodness After Christ at andy Emmaus was accepted as authentic, Van Meegeren was able to pass off several more of his paintings as Vermeers even though they looked less and less like his work. Although little is known of the different environments first 10 years of Vermeer’s life, there is no evidence that he ever used such heavy-lidded eyes, elongated foreheads, long hollowed cheeks or congested, confused compositions as appears progressively in Van Meegeren’s forgeries. Compared to Vermeer, Van Meegeren’s colors lack luminosity; his shadows are repetitive (“raccoon-like”) and his textures are unnaturally smooth. These characteristics are more typical of Van Meegeren’s own religious paintings than Vermeer’s. Although he makes limited use of pointille’, he does not seem to understand the effects of the camera obscura or even that Vermeer probably used one. In fact, if you are knowledgeable of Van Meegeren’s milieu, you can detect traces of a 20 th century Symbolist style in his 17 th century forgeries. Genre Definition? There are even those who can see, not only resemblances to Van Meegeren’s own face, but also to different, Greta Garbo’s in his paintings. Although some of Bredius’ contemporaries recognized Van Meegeren’s work as forgeries, today almost everyone can see what Bredius and others could not see in 1937 and genre definition, the years following. Forgeries are wrong because they falsify perception. Although some forgeries may be more beautiful than originals, most are not.

Van Meegeren’s forgeries are bad, not only different, because they are not what they claim to be; they are bad because they are poorly painted works into which good qualities are projected and whose bad qualities are imperceptible to those who believe that they are the works of Vermeer. In Malaysia? Forgeries are also wrong because they falsify history. The characteristics of a forgery accrue to the original artist. Van Meegeren’s forgeries were assumed to have filled the gap in our knowledge of different Vermeer’s unknown early history. When other forgeries by Van Meegeren were placed on the market, they were compared with Van Meegeren’s, Christ at Emmaus then at flappers the Boymans Museum, to environments, determine their authenticity, and, of course, the characteristics of the forgery became accepted as part of Vermeer’s style.

Consider, also, that if undetected forgeries are accepted as being authentic, then even forgeries can be forged. It may not matter if a painting is intended only to hang on a wall as decoration, but when we say that it does make a difference whether the work is an flappers fashion, original or a fake, we are not merely talking about environments taste or aesthetics. Genre Definition? Although some have maintained that beauty is more important than history, as did even the great cultural historian, Jacob Burckhardt, I argue that history determines our perception of beauty. As I have tried to environments, show, what we know and in malaysia essay, assume about a work of environments art can’t help but affect our perception of traditional games essay it and, therefore, our appreciation and environments, judgment. On The? Works of art don’t exist in a vacuum, although we might get that idea when we see them, torn out of their original historical and different environments, functional context, hanging next to each other on a museum wall. They have a history; they originally served social functions in temples, churches, chapels, palaces or private homes and knowledge of that history determines our understanding of what is significant about brain them. If we know that a work is the product of a particular artist, knowledge of that person’s history, his culture, and different environments, his motives and fashion, goals, that knowledge will affect how we see his work. If we see his paintings in relation to his other work or the work of his contemporaries, followers and environments, predecessors, we will see where he got his ideas and games in malaysia essay, whom he might have influenced.

Seeing an artist’s work in this context will certainly affect our notions of his originality and uniqueness. If we know that a painting is from the hand of Vermeer, we will see it in terms of what we know about the art of 17 th century Netherlands; if we know that the work was by a forger working in 1936, we will be able to detect in it 20 th century traces which were unnoticed before. Van Meegeren’s paintings are not copies; they are original paintings from the different ‘hand’ of Van Meegeren in the assumed style of Vermeer. Only their signatures are forged. Even if the Van Meegerens and the Vermeers superficially look alike, they are different objects because they have different histories.

Although works of art perform different functions in museums today, and genre definition music, although we can’t resurrect their original milieu, we cannot or should not ignore the knowledge of what those objects are and were.